How bad is the mobile phone signal where you live?

No phone signal. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY

No phone signal. PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

The rural swathes of our region are known for having notoriously bad mobile phone signal.

Dozens of towns and villages are in so-called notspots, leaving their residents unable to call family, send a text or even get on the internet.

Some users are locked into phone contracts costing hundreds of pounds a year despite not being able to connect.

We'd like to know the extent of the problem and are asking you to let us know about coverage where you live.

By filling out our survey above, we will be able to build up a picture of where the best and worst mobile phone coverage is in East Anglia and you'll be able to help us put pressure on mobile phone companies to address the problems.

We just need to know your postcode, phone service provider and how you would rate your coverage.

Once we've collated the results, we'll be pulling them into a map to show just how connected the region is.

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• What are your experiences with mobile phone signal in the region? You can email reporter with your experiences and take our survey above.

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