Hearts, flowers or horror?

Choosing a theme for your wedding makes planning easier, and it can be as fun as you like!

Choosing a theme for a wedding makes planning fun and organising easier.

Whether it's hearts or flowers, country chic, vintage, butterflies or a favourite colour, creating a theme and style to your wedding adds to the fun.

It makes choosing everything from table decorations and stationery to flower and favours easier too.

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So while those turquoise heart shaped diamante table sparkles are pretty, dried rose petals are just as gorgeous and ideal for the country feel you want.

Your mother may be particularly keen on pale peach, but will understand it's not the best fit for your winter wonderland wedding.

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Explain the ideas to everyone involved, from florist and caterer to friends helping with the decorations, and they'll understand the vision for that perfect wedding.

Finding your theme may be easy if you both have the same favourite film, hobby or style.

How about:

Books – book lovers could have novels on tables as flower stands, a library style photo booth, tables named after authors

Christmas – red and gold, or green or ice palace, or fir cones and fairies, take your pick!

The Big Gatsby - a 20s style wedding theme, with cocktails and feathers, glamour and film star style

Hitchcock –stylish rather than scary, with subtle hints to the theme such as bird decorations, brandy cocktails, black, white and red accessories

Craft – get guests involved on the day and they can craft the wedding. Set them to lay the tables, arrange the flowers, decorate the cupcakes, decorate bunting and, as the day wears on, make brooch or flag favours to take home

Films – An all encompassing Hollywood theme, or a favourite movie such as Alice in Wonderland, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Casino Royale, A Secret Garden, Up, Grease, Cocktail

Animals – if you're crazy about your pets, use their silhouette as a theme throughout. Or wed at Banham Zoo and keep the theme with various animal shaped accessories from zebra invitations and camel place names to penguin shaped favours

Or how about: Sparkle and glitter, rustic, weather, glamour, circus, beach, nautical, country garden, Cultural (such as African, Italian, French, British)

Comic book, romance, Shakespearean, a favourite artist or painting, sport, Western, ice, birds, jungle or forest

Choose a word that appeals and write down everything you associate with it. If it sounds possible and you both love the ideas, a theme has arrived!

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