The John Lewis Christmas advert is here - but how does it compare?

PUBLISHED: 09:03 10 November 2017 | UPDATED: 10:52 10 November 2017

Still from the eagerly anticipated John Lewis Christmas campaign which features a young boy and his imaginary monster under the bed. Picture John Lewis.

Still from the eagerly anticipated John Lewis Christmas campaign which features a young boy and his imaginary monster under the bed. Picture John Lewis.

This year's highly anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert has finally been released and stars Moz the Monster. But is it better than Marks & Spencer's effort with Paddington? TV editor Stacia Briggs dissects this festive feast

John Lewis: Moz the Monster What happens? He had hinted at it in recent single Spent the Day in Bed - former Smiths frontman Morrissey waits under a child’s bed to lecture him about the evils of meat, the Royal family, Elton John, Madonna, Canada, birthdays, journalists and rollercoasters. Oh hang on that was draft one. Seven-year-old Joe is kept awake by a snoring monster, Moz, who is living under his bed. Joe can’t sleep and is annoyed, but then the pair become insomniac buddies and stay up all night seriously putting Joe’s SAT results in peril. Moz finally realizes his friend needs some serious zzzs and disappears on Christmas Eve leaving a badly-wrapped present under the tree: a night light that scatters stars across the sky (which sold out within minutes). As the ad closes and the stars glitter, Joe hears a snore and realises he can summon his intergalactic pal whenever he thinks of him.

Is Moz better than Paddington? No. Paddington isn’t squatting under a child’s bed and keeping them up all night so they fall asleep during the day, he doesn’t look a bit like Eric Pickles and nor is he flagrantly flatulent. His only bad habit is breaking and entering houses with a burglar.

This year’s Christmas advertisement creatures aren’t really setting children a good example, are they? It depends if you want your child to develop a sudden fear of monsters under the bed who may be benevolent but may be malevolent or yearn for them to grow up to be a career criminal.

Is the ad backed by a breathy ballad? Are Elbow breathy? They sing the Beatles classic Golden Slumbers, but we’ve known this for days thanks to the internet.

So: are we going to remember 2017 for bedroom monsters? Yes. Just not the John Lewis one.

Best bit: That night light - £15, too. Bargain.

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