REVIEW: Classic Ibiza at Blickling hall

PUBLISHED: 11:10 10 August 2019 | UPDATED: 11:10 10 August 2019

Classic Ibiza 2019 Photo: Richard Porritt

Classic Ibiza 2019 Photo: Richard Porritt


In 1987 three pals set off in search of sun to Ibiza.

Classic Ibiza 2019 Photo: Richard PorrittClassic Ibiza 2019 Photo: Richard Porritt

But when they arrived it was the nightlife rather than the weather that had them hooked on the White Isle.

So mesmerised by the distinctive Balearic beats were the trio that when they got back to London they immediately began playing the new sounds to anyone who would listen. Those pals were Trevor Fung, Paul Oakenfold, and Danny Rampling the godfathers of what has become a multi-billion pound global industry. Dance music long overtook guitars as the genre most played by radio and loved by punters.

But, on a rather blowy and sporadically wet evening at Blickling Hall, in north Norfolk, Ibiza seemed rather a long way off.

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Classic Ibiza - basically some of the biggest dance tunes performed by an orchestra - attracts a crowd of aging ravers mainly. Those old enough to remember the halcyon days of super clubs Cream, Ministry of Sound and Gatecrasher.

But that was decades ago and you'd think at their age this crowd would know better - and apparently they do. Gone are the acid face t-shirts, gone the baggy trousers and recreational drugs. Instead these ravers reached for the picnic blankets, fold away seats and Waitrose nibbles.

The edge might have long since left the dance scene but the fun remains alive and kicking. Crowd favourites included tracks by Massive Attack, Underworld and The Prodigy.

But just as the music was about to come to a close that edge returned. Perhaps angered by the sogginess of their sourdough one partygoer began lobbing stuff on the stage. "If you throw anything else we aren't playing anymore," said a gentleman on the mic - only to be pelted again. He left in a huff but his stoic fellow musicians continued for a triumphant finale.

It seems Classic Ibiza is now a firm fixture in Norfolk - long may that continue.

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