There’s something strange about the BBC’s official photographs of candidates Kayode Damali and Frank Brooks

PUBLISHED: 12:19 04 October 2018 | UPDATED: 13:23 04 October 2018

The Apprentice  -Baroness Brady, Lord Sugar, Claude Littner - (C) Boundless Taylor Herring - Photographer: Jim Marks

The Apprentice -Baroness Brady, Lord Sugar, Claude Littner - (C) Boundless Taylor Herring - Photographer: Jim Marks

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Does Alan Sugar need to fire the Photoshop team at The Apprentice? Distortion on official candidate photos of Kayode and Frank are dismissed by the BBC as “a trick of the light”. We’re not entirely convinced. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Apprentice candidate Kayode Damali - (C) Boundless Taylor Herring - Photographer: Jim MarksApprentice candidate Kayode Damali - (C) Boundless Taylor Herring - Photographer: Jim Marks

You have to hand it to The Apprentice candidate Kayode Damali - not only did he make an inappropriate joke to Lord Sugar within minutes of the first episode AND put himself forwrd as the first project manager in week one, he’s also got a helping hand to help him on this year’s show.

Keen fans spotted the strange arrangement of Kayode’s hand in his official portrait for the BBC which makes him appear to look as if he has three hands - the BBC was quick to point out that the misunderstanding is due to “a trick of the light”.

Kayode, 26, from Cheshire, describes himself as a professional speaker and also works as a nightlife events organiser. According to his LinkedIn page, he is an INTERNATIONAL speaker - “international because Kayode usually speaks in England but has now had a booking in Wales”, his page says.

His profile on the BBC says: “Professional speaker Kayode delivers talks to inspire young people all over the country. Brimming with ideas, Kayode throws himself into new ventures. With his name meaning ‘he brings us joy’, he believes his positive personality and natural likeability will lead to success in the boardroom.”

Frank Brooks from The Apprentice - (C) Boundless Taylor Herring - Photographer: Jim MarksFrank Brooks from The Apprentice - (C) Boundless Taylor Herring - Photographer: Jim Marks

And the man himself adds: “I’m not here to razzle dazzle and hit you with buzzwords like ‘I’m so motivated, passionate’… anyone can say those things and I’m not anyone, I’m Kayode Damali. If you’re not your own biggest fan, who do you expect to be it for you?”

On the first episode, Kayode was called out for “making excuses” by Lord Sugar’s eyes and ears, Karren Brady, who took him to task for several of the claims he made in the boardroom, including that he was the one with the brainwave to call the tourism board in Malta for help (it was Tom’s idea).

“Tom said, very cleverly, I thought, ‘let’s call the tourist board and ask them’,” said Karren.

He then claimed that he’d had the idea to return to an antiques shop the team had already been in to pick up an item.

“You had walked past it in the shop and you went back and you asked the guy if he had one and lo and behold, there it was,” said Karren.

Kayode protested: “He went to the back to get it. It was so dusty, he probably got it from his basement. He went to the back, so…”

Karren interjected: “No, it was on display in the shop!”

The candidate continued: “OK, I didn’t go in the shop first. I never saw it, then. I never saw it. To be fair, we didn’t know exactly what shape it was.”

Lord Sugar then said: “It sounds to me you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m sorry. You know, you’re talking at 100mph. The product was in that antiques shop all the time. It was there. Don’t keep making excuses.”

Despite only finding seven of the nine items on Lord Sugar’s shopping list (and mistaking a piece of diving equipment for a live octopus), the men were the triumphant team in the first challenge and were the first back to the luxury home they’ll be sharing with the other candidates for a slap-up feast of finger food. Three hands will have been useful for that buffet, then.

And let’s give a big hand to candidate Frank Brooks, a self-proclaimed “trendsetter” who says “I think being good at business is like being good at karaoke. You need to be confident, command the attention of the room and roll over failure. My karaoke song is Relight my Fire by Take That and Lulu.” He’s been given an extra-long hand in his photograph. The hand-some devil.

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