Would you pay £500 to potty-train your toddler?

PUBLISHED: 18:47 18 December 2017

Is it potty to give an expert £500 to train your child, asks Sharon Griffiths.

Is it potty to give an expert £500 to train your child, asks Sharon Griffiths.


So some well-heeled mums are paying people to potty-train their children. It could set a trend, says Sharon Griffiths.

Parents with more money than time are apparently paying £500 for experts to potty-train their children. One woman who said she had no time to train her three year old, was advertising for someone to help at £50 an hour. She also had a dog. I bet she paid someone to walk that for her too.

At least they’re making the effort to solve the problem – unlike the parents of increasing numbers of four year olds who arrive in school still in pull-ups. So potty training becomes yet another job for teachers – along with reading, writing, sex education, using a knife and fork, gender issues and all the other stuff they have to do.

We all have our weak points. Frankly, I’d have paid good money for someone to teach Senior Son how to tie his shoelaces. It took weeks, if not months and I had visions of him spending the rest of his life in Velcro.

Now some mothers are being paid £200 of shopping vouchers for breast-feeding their own children to encourage them to do the right thing. Maybe the government should divvy up cash for potty training too. Seems just as logical.

£200 to potty train your child by the age of three? Pampers’ profits would plummet overnight.

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