Why parents need to muscle in on exercise

PUBLISHED: 16:17 24 May 2018 | UPDATED: 16:17 24 May 2018

Sally White finds the upsides of exercise

Sally White finds the upsides of exercise

Sally White

Before she had children Wymondham blogger Sally White had no time for exercise - now she finds the time

There are sport people, exercise people and neither-thank-you people. I was the latter until I had children. Then I became interested in exercise for three reasons: 1) None of my clothes fitted. 2) I was desperate to get out of the house. 3) I realised it felt good.

People who are sport people - this is not for you. You have your teams and your high school popularity and your Thursday night badminton.

The rest of you? Listen up. I have been there, sweated there and rated there. “There,” being a variety of exercise places (that’s the technical name).

Here’s the lowdown on parenthood and exercise:


This is where I started. Good for a laugh. You don’t need to be fit. You can stand at the back and ‘bob’ instead of jump. You get know some chart toppers and perhaps gain the ability to sing along to Heart FM.

Upside: A good place to begin. Not too serious but you still get out of breath.

Downside: You have to go with someone you know. Being 18 steps behind on your own is just plain humiliating.

Top tip: Go to aqua Zumba. Snap on your swimmers and jiggle away underwater; it’s low impact and you get to have a nice shower after.


Nothing brings out rage like parenthood. Whether it’s exhaustion, lost Tupperware lids or missing school jumpers, sometimes you just need to vent. And kickboxing is a nifty way of getting out of the house and working out the anger and sweat. It is very enjoyable and works the brain as well. I went to a women-only session and think it’d be a good place to start if you’re a little nervous (and female!)

Upside: You feel like a Charlie’s Angel

Downside: It takes a bit of figuring out.


If, like me, you get home from work and can’t face talking to anyone until the sun’s back up, then this may be for you. Search for Fitness Blender and follow their varied videos. You can follow their workouts at home - even if you’ve only got a few square feet between the Jumparoo and the Lego. Most videos are about 20 minutes long, quite hard and wholly satisfying. Really recommend.

Upside: Pop on your PE kit as soon as you’re home and you might get your workout down while the kids watch a couple of Paw Patrols. And it’s free.

Downside: It’s all on you. It lacks the motivation of a class you’ve paid for.

Cross Fit

It’s so good. It’s as good as all those preachy evangelical converts tell you it is. There’s a lot of weight-lifting which yields good results and a lot of short sharp bursts of burpees, handstands, squats and lunges. Exercises are modified to suit your level and the people seem universally nice and keen.

Upside: You will see results. There’s nothing quite like doing weight-lifting to make you feel invincible.

Downside: Quite a lot of jumping about which can be a bit of a roulette. I recommend a couple of months of Fitness Blender before enlisting.

I went to Saxon CrossFit Wymondham and to Dereham’s The Studio for my kickboxing session, where they do a free taster class.

Come over to my blog for more parenting truths and parenting spoofs.

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