Upset that Trump is visiting? This might change your mind...

PUBLISHED: 13:36 03 June 2019 | UPDATED: 13:37 03 June 2019

Trump has arrived. It's not a bad thing, argues Liz Nice Picture: AP

Trump has arrived. It's not a bad thing, argues Liz Nice Picture: AP

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The protesters are out in force for the visit of President Trump. But, says Liz Nice, not letting him come would be a missed opportunity...

President Trump has arrived, with what appears to be a new hairstyle. The new, slick-back hair prompted a lot of excitement on Twitter with comments comparing him to Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas' revoltingly smarmy character in the film Wall Street) and laughing about his 'hat hair'.

Perhaps he is trying to impress the Queen?

Let's hope so. I doubt she will be easily swayed.

And if he makes a grab for her, I wouldn't fancy his chances.

I am being facetious (of course he won't try to touch her - although he was a bit handsy with Theresa May) but I don't agree with those who say that we shouldn't be entertaining him.

I'm not particularly keen that we will be rolling out the red carpet, but this is what we do when senior statesmen and women come to Britain so it would be a bit odd if he got a green or a patterned one instead.

All power to the protesters who will be outside the palace, waving a giant blimp, depicting the President as an angry baby, and a golden toilet with a 16ft talking Trump sitting on it. Very creative.

But I'm just grateful that we don't have Trump on our throne.

I think the protesters have every right to express their ire - this is what a free country does so Trump should be used to it - but they are wrong to say that we shouldn't have let him come.

It is the same with any new person who appears on the scene that you might not like by reputation.

The more you avoid them, the more villainous and terrifying they become in your own mind, and the less likely they are to come around to your way of thinking.

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All I know of Trump is that he denies climate change, has behaved inappropriately towards women, has a very prejudiced and depressing attitude towards immigrants and homosexuality and that, whenever he opens his mouth, he invariably says something that is not very clever.

I suspect, were we to meet, we might not end up on each other's Christmas card list.

But, unless I ever get to meet him, I cannot know for sure.

Some of my dearest friends were people I did not like when I first came across them, while I have interviewed politicians many of whose views I intensely disliked, only to come away thinking that, as people, I actually liked them very much.

Norman Tebbit was one. He has said some things publically that I strongly disagree with, but when I went to his home and spent a couple of hours with him, I came away thinking, 'what a lovely man!'

We cannot make confident judgements on people purely based on what we know of them from social media.

Nor can we know the whole of a person because of one thing they might have once said. Or even a host of awful things, as in Trump's case.

Trump's rise of power, which many consider terrifying (and I'm one of them), could only have occurred because he speaks for a vast number of people.

We are seeing the same phenomenon, on a smaller scale, with Nigel Farage, right here.

Unless we understand precisely who Trump is, and what he stands for, how can we possibly get to grips with what it is about his brand of populism that is having such resonance right now?

If we don't meet him, talk to him, understand him, we will miss that chance.

He is loved. Baffling I know - but we need to find out exactly why and meeting him, as is the case with anyone you are suspicious of, is the only way to do that.

The Queen will know exactly how to handle him. She might even send Prince Philip to pick him up from his hotel.

And if all else fails, she can set the corgis on him. Imagining these two possible scenarios has made me rather keen that he is visiting us after all.

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