Recipe: Make our retro Twister ice cream

PUBLISHED: 15:40 01 June 2018

Charlotte Smith Jarvis's home made ice cream.
Twister Ice Cream.

Charlotte Smith Jarvis's home made ice cream. Twister Ice Cream.


Chill out with this fruity pineapple, lime and strawberry frozen dessert.

Did you enjoy last week’s strawberry sherbet? It’s one of my kids’ favourite summertime ices and (thankfully as I have an ice cream machine) is one of the simplest desserts I can knock out in the kitchen. A top tip if you don’t have a machine – the sherbet makes lovely ice lollies too. Just pour the mix into simple moulds and you have something akin to a ‘fizzy’ Mini Milk!

This week’s recipe take a bit more effort, but is so worth it. It’s my take on surely one of the best retro ice creams – the Twister. It took me years to actually like this classic. There was something not quite right to me about ice cream and ice lolly together. But now I can’t get enough of its pineapple, lime and strawberry swirls, which take me back to the late 80s and early 90s, when an ice cream delivery van would travel the streets of my home town, dropping off boxes of frozen delights – including these.

The Twister is, in my own hierarchy of ice creams, beaten only by the wacky, multi-coloured joy of a toffee-flavoured Zapp. Finding one of these is like discovering a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for me!

Anyway, here is my ‘Twister’ in scoopable form. You’ve got a dead easy pineapple ice cream base made with only three ingredients, a strawberry sauce and lime sorbet mixed through. One lick will take you back to those sunny summers of yesteryear, when we all wore trackie bottoms and wasted our weekends playing ‘kerbsies’ instead of slouched in front of a screen.

‘Twister’ ice cream

(serves 6)


For the strawberry sauce:

150g strawberries (hulled weight), pureed and sieved

Juice ½ lemon

75g caster sugar

For the pineapple ice cream:

350g pineapple flesh, pureed until smooth

50g caster sugar

300ml double or whipping cream

For the lime sorbet:

200g caster sugar

300ml water

Juice 8 limes and zest of two

1 egg white

Green colouring


Make the strawberry sauce. Place sugar, lemon juice and strawberry puree in a pan. Boil, then simmer until it’s spoon-coating, then set aside to cool.

To make the ice cream churn the pineapple and sugar for 20 minutes in an ice cream machine or place in the freezer in a tub for 30 minutes. Add the cream and finish churning until thick and smooth – or add the cream to your tub in the freezer and whisk every hour for three hours.

To make the sorbet boil the sugar, water and lime zest for five minutes then leave to cool. Once cool, add the lime juice and strain to remove the zest from the mix. Churn in an ice cream machine (or use the freezer method above), adding the egg white towards the end of churning.

To finish, scoop alternative spoons of the pineapple ice cream and lime sorbet into a tub and swirl with the strawberry sauce. Freeze for a couple of hours before serving.

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