Reader letter: You can be overweight and fit

PUBLISHED: 14:11 08 September 2018 | UPDATED: 10:07 29 September 2018

Our reader says you can be overweight and fit (Image: Pexels)

Our reader says you can be overweight and fit (Image: Pexels)


Re Rachel’s Moore article (EDP, September 6) I hate to tell you this but I am fitter than lots of skinny people out there.

I top the scales at a whopping 23 stone and at 5ft 2½ (don’t forget the half) I’ll let you do the BMI maths.

However, I run, I walk, I cycle and I swim. Not to mention I’ve recently taking up canoeing and I play badminton with friends. I’ve ran the Norwich 10km and cycled the Norwich 50 miles. I do weight lifting and I even recently did a whole hour class with a pro boxer as my partner and didn’t stop for a break. I even walk my dog.

My blood pressure is 110/60 because of my fitness. My resting heart rate is around 61/62.

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However, an addiction I have to food is hard to shake. When you’re addicted to the very thing keeping you alive, how do you modify it?

It’s not just sweet things. I can eat salad until it comes out my ears, vegetables, give me some broccoli, asparagus and sprouts over a bar of chocolate.

However, it’s the quantity I consume that makes me large. You want people to take responsibility for their weight how about starting with if you’re going to fat shame, why not skinny shame?

Why not ask the NHS if they want people to be healthier, then help them? Instead of me rocking up to the doctors with an ear infection and being told if I lost weight it would help.

Maybe don’t judge a book by its cover. I won’t judge you for being an image-conscious judgemental person and you don’t judge me for my whale-like physique and cow like eat habits.

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It’s no one else’s business how we live.

If we go down the road of judgement and making people feeling bad for themselves where will it end? Pointing out someone is overweight is not nice and certainly doesn’t make you want to get up and eat less. It does the complete opposite.

Believe me. I’ve lived it since I was 16 and I’m now 32.

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