These noisy cinema pests should be stopped

PUBLISHED: 11:22 15 March 2018

Inconsiderate scoffing in the cinema is driving Rachel Moore up the wall...

Inconsiderate scoffing in the cinema is driving Rachel Moore up the wall...


Rachel Moore on the noise nuisance in cinema...

High up and rising in the ever-shifting league of life’s irritants are the mature adults who can’t manage a 90-minute film in a cinema without noisily munching sweets and snacks.

Rustling, tearing and shaking sharing-sized sweet packets when others are trying to follow a film centimetres away is selfish and inconsiderate.

It’s also a bit pathetic that grown-ups need sweets like a baby needs a dummy.

But it’s the noise they make with their giant bags that really galls.

The more quiet they try to be, the noisier they are.

The first 20 minutes of Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri was ruined for me as a couple in their sixties next to us loudly negotiated tubs of popcorn, crackling packets and crunching savoury snacks.

The whole cinema experience would be happier and more pleasant for everyone as food-free zones.

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