Please spare us these wishy-washy 'hymns'

PUBLISHED: 11:10 06 November 2017 | UPDATED: 15:46 07 November 2017

Autumn Leaves: Is the hymn of the same name just so much 'mush', says Sharon Griffiths.

Autumn Leaves: Is the hymn of the same name just so much 'mush', says Sharon Griffiths.

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Opinion: Sharon Griffiths has had enough of the wishy-washy sentiment of modern hymns.

It was Hallowe’en that the nightmare returned.

A lifetime after my sons left primary school I heard once again a choir of nine year olds sing “Autumn Days.” Argghhhhh!

No disrespect to the children, who sang wonderfully. But has there ever been a more witless, pointless, inane, inaccurate load of meaningless drivel?

To give you a taste of its awfulness, the first verse goes on about the grass being ‘jewelled’ - and jet planes in the air being refuelled. It urges everyone to be thankful for these.

About 20 years ago the choir of St Mary’s, Wroxham, had a famous fall-out when half of them refused to sing it. How sensible. Their complaint was, I think, about the mention of jet planes. But there are many other reasons to object.

For a start, it’s one of these modern weaselly “hymns” that wants to encourage children to appreciate the world around them, but without actually mentioning God – who is presumably too controversial.

So who are these children singing their thank-yous to? And why?

Look, either have God, or don’t have God but don’t compromise with wishy-washy mush of sentimental waffle to rot children’s brains.

On a more prosaic note, I’ve never seen jet planes refuelling in mid-air. Have you? And if so, why is it a special autumn thing? Do they not refuel in spring or summer?

Anyway, with luck that’s the last of “Autumn Days” until next year.

Soon be Christmas…

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