James Marston: I feel sorry for Katie Price, despite her driving ban. Here’s why

PUBLISHED: 20:14 25 February 2019 | UPDATED: 08:43 26 February 2019

Katie Price outside Bexley Magistrates' Court following her drink driving trial where she was banned from driving for three months, adding to a ban from earlier this year for driving while disqualified. PHOTO: Rick Findler/PA Wire

Katie Price outside Bexley Magistrates' Court following her drink driving trial where she was banned from driving for three months, adding to a ban from earlier this year for driving while disqualified. PHOTO: Rick Findler/PA Wire

James Marston shares what some might consider to be a rather unlikely admiration for Katie Price after her drink driving ban. What is it that he finds so great about her?

Katie Price.

I can’t help feeling a little bit sorry for her, can you?

The - well, what do you call her? Glamour model-cum-tv-personality-I suppose - has hit the headlines this week after being convicted for being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle after appearing at Bexley Magistrates’ Court.

She was fined and got banned for driving for three months.

She said – on social media, naturally - “I’d like to thank my lawyer and, despite what the press are going to write about this case, want the truth to be known.

“I was never drink-driving, despite everyone saying it. It got proven today, there was no evidence at all of me drink-driving. I never was drink-driving, it got proven today, so I rest my case on that.”

“I was convicted because I had the keys and I was in the car and in charge of the car. So, I was given the choice of having 10 points on my licence or to be disqualified for three months.”

I can’t help admire Katie.

She’s been around for years, constantly reinvented herself, written books, is a working mother, has been on television, married a few times, has earned a living and lived her life through the media lens. She’s entertained us for years.

There’s no denying she’s lived through the ups and downs of life. She lives with her heart on her sleeve, she talks about her life in the most public of ways, in modern parlance, she overshares.

She’s talked about her drug use, her son’s disability, her marriages, she’s even launched a campaign to make online abuse of people with disabilities a crime. And, she’s only 40 years old.

I like listening to her and hearing what she has to say, to be honest. I detect a clever, focused, creative, eloquent, entrepreneurial individual who is proud she never been on benefits, works hard for her children, and she’s been a newspaper columnist.

Though you might think I might, I don’t even take exception when she turns on the media – the very hand that feeds her – for writing things she doesn’t like.

She has maintained her status as a talking point for more than 20 years, she knows the game, she talks, she speaks out, she needs the attention as it is the attention that keeps her profile up, and it is her public profile that helps earn her a living.

That’s how these things work and Katie Price is a past master.

I also like Katie because she treads her own path. she knows what life is about – love of her family, but I’m a bit worried about her, to be honest.

I don’t think being found guilty drunk in charge of a motor vehicle is where she really wants to be,

I don’t think she’s that kind of lady and I can’t help fearing that she’s struggling a bit with some of the pressures of life.

This happens to us all, of course, in varying ways and in varying times, but for Katie the pink Range Rover, the celebrity status, the oversharing of her life, makes her vulnerable despite what we, and even she, might think.

It is this openness, this vulnerability, of course, which is part of her charm.

We love to watch her in her fragility as well as her strength, we watch as we knock her down and build her up – we like to comment, to empathise and even to carp.

But for those tempted to carp, remember, she reflects us all,

Katie Price is us writ large. She holds a mirror up in front of you and me.

She wants to do her best, she uses the skills she has to get through life, she has good times, she makes mistakes, she needs love and support when things go wrong.

I think she’s a treasure, let’s wish her well and thank her for her contribution, thus far, to our national life. She deserves it.

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