“There are dads and then there are embarrassing dads... yes Mr Thomas Markle, I’m talking about you”

PUBLISHED: 18:30 12 February 2019 | UPDATED: 09:11 13 February 2019

Prince Harry and Meghan's marriage has been marred by stories sold by her dad and sister Picture: PA Wire/Ben Stansall

Prince Harry and Meghan's marriage has been marred by stories sold by her dad and sister Picture: PA Wire/Ben Stansall

PA Wire/PA Images

Our columnists shares 10 typical ‘dad’ moves that have children cringing.

This week we have been able to read painful extracts from the letter the Duchess of Sussex sent to her father, Thomas Markle.

In his falling out with his daughter, Meghan, he has spoken to the media on a number of occasions. Since her wedding to Prince Harry he has done countless interviews about his difficult relationship with his daughter. And thus he might be classified as an “embarrassing dad”.

Often, dads don’t realise they are embarrassing and may fervently wish to avoid being so. In which case, here are some other criteria of which one or more needs to be met in order to reach the level of specification needed to be “embarrassing dad”*.

1. Being very proud of his (lack of) ability to dance... We’ve all seen him on the dance floor throwing his moves which, by rights should be thrown away. He will be particularly impressed with the way he “spots” his spins until he lurches and knocks over his glass of cola and blames the disco lights.

2. Wearing his shirt outside his trousers. This will be his trendy shirt, not the one he wears for work. It will not be fitted, obviously, because his tummy is a little too big for tailoring these days.

3. Cross-examining daughters’ boyfriends. These are among the questions the young man might expect. “So what sort of job do you have?” “What does it pay?” “What are you doing at uni - will there be a job at the end of it?” “What do your parents do?” What car does your dad drive?” Then there are the weakly laddish, sexist jokes such as: “Can you cook? You’ll need to if you ever move in with my daughter... are you thinking of moving in with my daughter?”

4. Appearing in the doorway when daughter is kissing boyfriend goodnight outside the front door.

5. Not quite knowing what to say to the son’s girlfriend and making clumsy remarks about this one being prettier than the son’s last girlfriend. And then not knowing whether to shake hands or kiss her on the cheek (neither - offer her a cup of tea or coffee and make yourself scarce).

6. Talking about his son/daughter when they were small including mention of potty training, taking their pants off in the playground etc

7. Making clichéd jokes about their sex life such as: “Be good and if you can’t be good, be careful.”

8. Showing off his knowledge of popular culture by talking about films they haven’t actually seen, books they haven’t read, comedians they don’t understand.

9. Using what he thinks is the current vernacular, dropping such words as such as “groovy”; “hip and happening”, “cool” and “laters” into the conversation.

10. Insisting on taking “humorous” selfies his son/daughter and posting them on Facebook.

* Mothers can be embarrassing too

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