Don’t forget the felines: keeping your cat cool this summer

PUBLISHED: 11:35 10 August 2020 | UPDATED: 11:35 10 August 2020

Look after your cats this summer Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Look after your cats this summer Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Here are some tips to keep your cat cool this summer

Ensure there is plenty of shade and water provided for your felines Picture: Ian BurtEnsure there is plenty of shade and water provided for your felines Picture: Ian Burt

Ways to keep your dogs safe during hot weather are quite are quite well known but do you know how to keep your cats cool and safe?

Whilst you may think that your feline is smart enough to seek shade when it needs it, they can still get dehydrated or even sunburnt. Pale-coloured cats in particular are at highly susceptible of getting sunburnt.

For white furred cats in particular, you should try to keep them inside between 10am to 3pm so that they avoid the peak sunlight.

Your will need to provide plenty of shade both in and outside for your cat; Cats Protection suggest cardboard boxes or sheltered plant pots as a way to keep your cats out of the harmful rays.

How to keep your felines cool?

You can place fans around the house to circulate cool air, but don’t aim them directly at your cat. Also, placing a frozen bottle of water wrapped in a towel or pillowcase and put it in a spot your cat goes regularly to avoid them overheating.

Ensure there is a plentiful supply of fresh, cool water around your home and is easy for your cat to reach. Cats also prefer drinking from running water, a cat fountain could be useful for getting your cat to drink more.

You may also want to watch:

There is sunblock available for your cats to protect them from harmful rays, especially pale-coloured ones.

Ensure that your cat can’t get shut into any hot rooms with no ventilation, such as greenhouses. This could be fatal, do regular checks on your cat throughout the day.

If your cat is not taking in enough fluids then there is a risk it may become dehydrated. Cats Protection have certain tips for assessing where your cat is dehydrated.

Assess your cat’s gums: if they appear sticky or tacky this could be an early sign

Skin elasticity: a well hydrated cat should have skin which snaps back into place immediately. If it doesn’t, it may be due to dehydration

Check their eyes: if they are severely sunken and dry, this could be a significant issue

Feel their paws: if the paws feel cool or cold, this could also be dehydration

If you suspect that your cat is dehydrated, you should seek veterinary advice.

You should know the signs of heatstroke. If your cat shows symptoms such as: agitation, panting, drooling, vomiting or excessive grooming (to cool down) then you should contact your vet immediately.

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