Why I hope Boris Johnson has watched Frozen 2

PUBLISHED: 16:55 16 December 2019 | UPDATED: 13:06 17 December 2019

Has Boris seen Frozen yet? . Photo: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Has Boris seen Frozen yet? . Photo: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The message of Frozen 2 is to ‘do the next right thing’. Over to you, Boris

Liz Nice hopes Boris watches Frozen 2Liz Nice hopes Boris watches Frozen 2

I went to see the film Frozen 2 on Sunday.

I am not really sure why. My boys have decided it isn't one for them (although I clearly remember how much they enjoyed the first one!) so I didn't really have an excuse to go.

But I like Frozen. I like that Elsa has all this magic inside her that she feels she has to hide in case it upsets people, or she is seen to be going too far. Know the feeling, ladies?

I like that her most important relationship is with her sister, Ana, who always puts her sister before her man, and I like that the idea of Elsa finding self realisation and happiness through a man of her own is never even considered. Indeed, in Frozen 2, I can reveal, her greatest love affair is with her horse - and, as any woman who has had a horse will know, this is a wise choice indeed.

Of course the songs are great; uplifting fayre which utterly destroyed the woman sitting two seats from me. The sobs (happy ones, I'm assuming) could be heard in Ipswich town centre I suspect (and I watched it in Norwich).

The best thing about the film however is its message. Of war, it makes clear that it is not that the two sides can't trust each other but that 'fear is what can't be trusted' - which is a pretty profound thing for kids to learn from a Disney film.

And for anyone who has been in tricky family situations, the best message of all comes from Ana that however bad things may seem, however much one finds oneself on the floor, all one can be expected to do is 'the next right thing'.

Such a simple message, and so effective.

I am thinking of our NHS here, for example, and my fear (which I very much hope is a fear that can't be trusted) that Donald Trump will want its privatisation in order to secure his support on a trade deal post-Brexit. My fear that the America I remember when I lived there, full of people on the telephone begging for their lives because a loophole in their insurance means their treatment isn't covered will become a reality here. That there will be parents in car parks outside hospitals frantically trying to work out if they can afford to pay for their child to live. And worse still, that there will be people who can't afford the insurance in the first place so will have to simply hope that their child, or mother, or father, or they themselves won't die this time.

As we know from Let's Get Brexit Done, Boris Johnson likes a simple message.

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I noticed that he was partying at Annabel's with a Russian oligarch at the weekend.

I very much hope that he also found the time to watch Frozen 2 and will indeed do the next right thing.

Should we be banned from our beaches?

The news that at the weekend, two seal pups died on the beach at Winterton-on-Sea, near Hemsby, was heartbreaking.

Worse still, it seems that humans were responsible - and children, to boot.

Two youngsters, apparently unaware that baby seals can't swim until they have grown their waterproof coats, allegedly chased one of them into the water, where it drowned.

The sheer idiocy of this is almost unfathomable.

I might say, what kind of parent allows their children to behave so appallingly - but this isn't just about the ubiquitous heartless and entitled behaviour we see from children whose parents make them the centre of the universe while forgetting to teach them that they are in for a pretty lonely and soulless life if they fail to acquire even a smidgeon of humanity. This is about not educating them about animals - or anything - in the first place.

If the apples were too thick to realise what they were doing, you only have to look at the thickness of the tree.

The other seal died because its mother abandoned it after it was surrounded by people.

Is it really so hard to give the seals a bit of space? Or is the space between your ears just too wide for that to happen - in which case, you should be banned from the beach altogether.

I bet you leave your litter there too.

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