One barmy decision has been reversed, now we need a second to be as well

PUBLISHED: 07:42 15 June 2018 | UPDATED: 07:42 15 June 2018

The Asda on Drayton High Road. Picture: James Bass

The Asda on Drayton High Road. Picture: James Bass

Every now and then common sense does prevail.

The story which drew the most attention of our newsdesk this week was the simply barmy decision taken by Asda to ban all pupils at Hellesdon High School from its premises.

It said the new data collection laws, the same ones that have been filling up your email inboxes for the last few months, meant that were there any criminal cases involving children, they could no longer share CCTV footage with the school to help them identify the culprit.

This decision annoyed me on two counts. Firstly the fact that by ‘banning’ pupils Asda were effectively tarring all of the schools children with the same brush.

I’m sure, like all schools, Hellesdon High has its fair share of trouble-makers, but we’ve no reason to believe they have any more or less than anywhere else. So does that therefore mean all school children should be banned from all shops?

In fact why stop there. Maybe we should ban them from all public places, just in case they cause trouble and it is caught on CCTV.

And that’s where the story annoyed me for a second reason - the blatant and massive misinterpretation of the new data protection laws.

Here at the Evening News we’ve spent a lot of time looking at the new laws, changing our practices accordingly and informing our staff what it all means.

Surely a massive multi-national company like Asda should be doing the same thing?

Fortunately the decision was reversed and youngsters at the school will not be banned from the shop or any other public places for that matter.

In the end it was a good example of an organisation realising it was in the wrong, being prepared to admit it and then conducting a hasty u-turn. In that respects Asda deserves praise.

Now we just need the same thing to happen with the other dubious decision to have been covered by our journalists this week - the counterproductive waste charges brought in at our tips. We wait with baited breath...

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