Are Kate and Meghan really feuding? They’d be wise not to

PUBLISHED: 18:45 03 December 2018 | UPDATED: 18:45 03 December 2018

Are the Duchesses feuding? I hope not, says Liz Nice Picture - Paul John Bayfield

Are the Duchesses feuding? I hope not, says Liz Nice Picture - Paul John Bayfield


Liz Nice says the Royal brides need to stick together - especially because there is nothing men hate more!

Christmas can be a fraught time for the best of us but this year the feuds seem to be starting early.

Noel Edmonds has been voted off I’m a Celebrity after a ‘spat’ with Holly (I’ll bet she’s prickly as hell and he just so wanted to be a winner) and Take That still can’t manage to get all five of them Back for Good on an X Factor stage without one of them sitting at home sulking – yes, I do mean you Jason Orange – are you really telling us that you were inundated with better offers?

But by far the tastiest spat – if true – is the so-called one between Meghan and Kate, between whom relations are said to be frosty ever since it was revealed that Harry and his new bride are leaving Kensington Palace and moving to Windsor.

It could be of course that Harry and Meghan are simply fed up of living next door to a couple who have three noisy children – who can blame them? – but of course the papers at the weekend were full of delicious speculation that the two women are at loggerheads.

So let’s have a rustle through the rumours.

QWas Kate left in tears over Charlotte’s dress fitting prior to Harry and Meghan’s nuptials?

AI wouldn’t be surprised – weddings are a nightmare, and brides even worse, but usually all is forgiven on the day when the bride and everyone else remembers that actually none of the little things like bridesmaids dresses really matter and all that really counts is whether you are marrying the right man – and Meghan seems to have done alright on that score.

QAre the women just too different?

A Well yes, women do tend to be ‘different’, seeing as we are all individuals and not exactly the same as each other just because we happen to have the same body parts, but this does not mean we cannot get along. In fact, we have been known to appreciate women of a different ilk – and bearing in mind that Kate can’t actually say anything of note ever, and Meghan can, maybe she might find her sister in law to be a rather useful person to know, any time she has a message she would like to put across? Just a thought.

QDid Meghan snap at a member of Kate’s staff?

A Very likely – I always snap at my staff, don’t you? Or would if I had any. Isn’t that what staff are for? But Kate was said to have dealt with the situation at the time so is unlikely to be stewing on it now, unless she has nothing better to think about – besides which the incident was said to have happened before the Royal Wedding for which read point one again – all brides are monsters before their weddings, it does not make them awful sisters in laws or wives.

Anyway, with all that, let’s just say that there may or may not be a feud between these two very beautiful, bright and confident women, but I rather hope there isn’t because really, we women need to stick together, and Royal women need to stick together even more so – after all, things didn’t go so well for Diana after she fell out with Fergie and vice versa, did they?

And if that isn’t reason enough for the Royal brides to sit down nicely next to each other at Christmas dinner and give each other a heartfelt hug to the shock of all, then I’ll tell them something.

As we have seen over the weekend, the best reason that women have to NOT fall out with each other is this – men love it when women are fingernails drawn because it weakens us and gives more power to them. Whereas when we support each other, are inseparable friends and go out dancing and drinking together, they strangely tend to be less keen because they know that when we do, we talk about them, have the power to turn each other against them if it is warranted, and, when united, are pretty much invincible.

Happy Christmas Royal brides – I’d say that having each other on side would be the best gift of all.

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