How do you mend a broken heart? EDP Agony Aunties give some tips on moving on

Christine Webber and Helen McDermott. Picture Archant.

Christine Webber and Helen McDermott. Picture Archant.


Resuming their roles as Agony Aunties, Christine Webber and Helen McDermott give some heartfelt advice about what you can do to help heal the pain of heartbreak.

In their third live stream, qualified psychotherapist Christine, and broadcasting personality Helen, brought a balance of humour and compassion to questions about what to do when you find yourself heartbroken.

The pair are well versed in matters of the heart, having previously streamed sessions on relationship advice and the worse things partners have said to each other. In their most recent discussion, Christine and Helen received a question from a heartbroken woman seeking advice. Here’s a look at what they had to say:

Question: My husband of 20 years has just told me he wants a divorce. I don’t know how to react, I don’t feel the same. Things have been really difficult between us for a long while. We have a daughter who’s 12 and I hate the idea of her coming from a broken home. Maybe we’d be happier apart, but I just don’t know how to go forward from here. Do you have any advice for me?

Christine: My best advice here would be, while your husband is probably co-operating because he’s the one who wants out, you should definitely go and have some Relate therapy. Ring up the local Relate and both go. This may or may not save the marriage, but what it will do is, if you’re talking things out in a civilized way with a third person who’s a professional, is help negotiate and equal way of discussing things so that there’s no door slamming or shrieking. I think this really helps people, because even if you end up apart, this person will help you understand about your own feelings of failure or hostility. The other important aspect is you need to negotiate a in which you can jointly parent this daughter so that she doesn’t feel like an emotional football, kicked around between the two of you…I think doing these things is definitely a very positive way to move forward.

Helen: What if he won’t go?

Christine: If he won’t go, my suggestion is you go. Go and discuss how you’re feeling. This is completely different really from discussing it with your girlfriends because this person will not be necessarily telling you everything you want to hear which on the whole your girlfriends tend to do. Discussing it with someone who’s a professional, who sees people in these extreme situations all the time can be an absolute lifesaver and can really help.

As well as this the duo gave advice on how to feel better when you’ve been rejected, the different types of heartbreak, and overly amorous dogs.

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