Advice from EDP agony aunties on how to come out

PUBLISHED: 16:38 11 October 2018

Cameron Cole . Picture: (C) Channel 5

Cameron Cole . Picture: (C) Channel 5

Channel 5

National Coming Out Day - what is the best way to come out?

To mark National Coming Out Day today, Facebook has unveiled a new update to its “Major Life Event” product. Now, Facebook users can select “Came Out” and share their own story. Over the past year dozens of celebrities have revealed to the world that they’re gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender or even pansexual.

But when 18-year-old Big Brother’s Cameron Cole came out on TV, viewers got an idea into how difficult that experience can be. Unable to say the word “gay”, Cameron burst into tears after needing help to share his sexuality with his housemates.

Our agony aunties Christine Webber and Helen McDermott spoke about the importance of considering how to reveal your sexuality to friends and loved ones.

Nowadays most people find coming out a lot easier but it is still important to choose a person you trust and avoid the following:

1. Christmas Day or another major celebration when emotions are high

2. Breaking the news when you are drunk or in an over emotional state

3. Turning up with your lover on the doorstep

4. Messaging the news by text or over a phone call

5. Remember it is something you can’t take back once you have said it

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