EDP readers react to pyjamas in supermarkets debate and here are the best comments

Should customers be allowed to wear pyjamas in supermarkets? Picture: PA

Should customers be allowed to wear pyjamas in supermarkets? Picture: PA - Credit: PA

Following a comment on Tesco's Facebook page referring to those who pop to the shops in their PJs 'disgusting' and calling for them to be banned, we asked our readers what they thought - Should customers be able to wear their pyjamas in supermarkets? Hundreds of you responded and here's the best comments from Facebook.

Yes, it's harmless.

Jo James: How about decades ago when women went about their daily business with rollers in and a hair net on? Did that make society crumble? There are far more important things going on in the world!

Charlotte Harvey: Who honestly cares either way it doesn't harm another person in anyway and if you're offended by it you obviously don't have enough to worry about it your own life

Emma Beales: Seriously what harm is it doing!! Not as if people are going in there underwear or walking about naked. I've seen people with less clothes on in a supermarket than bloody pj's or onesie.

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Carla Smith: Does it really matter what your wearing? People need to be less judgmental.

Karl Dack: Can not see what the fuss is about seen poorly dressed people not in pjs so if they are decently coverd in the right places go for it

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Ron Strutt: Is it really any worse than going out to the shops in a track suit or other sports wear – or are we all supposed to dress up in dinner jackets and bow ties to go to Tesco?

No, it's a slipper-y slope.

Jamie Skinner: No get dressed quit being lazy have some pride in yourself.

Tina Carr: It's about standards and respect for yourself and others. How are children going to know what's appropriate if this happens. Also where do you draw the line, pyjamas are bedroom attire.

Sarah Naish: I think its just lazy and not something I would do. You can pull on jeans and a top in 30 seconds. Going out in sweaty pj's isnt something I find acceptable at all. And what message is that giving our kids?

Sara Bradley: I think you should have a bit of pride in yourself, sort yourself out first before you go out. Otherwise where will it stop? People will be roaming the streets in pj's, slippers and dressing gowns!!

Daniel Mashford: I honestly think that if you can't even be bothered to wash and dress before you go out then there's something very wrong. What if you bump into someone you know? Your boss? Your partners parents? A future romance or crush? Or, anyone?

Mel Lewis: Like it or not, we have different clothes for different circumstances, that's why wedding outfitters make so much money or kids wear school uniforms or a white suit at a nightclub (in the 70's!!) or a bathing suit instead of underwear for swimming...people have always bucked trends but wearing nightwear to a supermarket is just not British..

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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