Your reaction to plans to build 650 new homes on the edge of Norwich

PUBLISHED: 12:18 01 February 2016 | UPDATED: 12:18 01 February 2016

Land at Cringleford where new homes will be built next to the A11.

Land at Cringleford where new homes will be built next to the A11. PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY

News that a controversial homes scheme on the edge of Norwich had been given the go-ahead, wasn’t greeted with a warm welcome by the local community online.

The proposal to build 650 homes in Cringleford had been turned down more than 18 months ago amid fierce opposition, but has now been approved following an appeal.

Joining the discussion on our website, Mr Grouchy raised concerns over the lack of infrastructure in the area posting: “First, this is one of the main gateways into Norwich so the council had better make sure that the impact of this development gives a good impression.

“Second, ensure that a new GP surgery is provided rather than shops. Third, insist that access roads are up to the job and that they do not add to the existing congestion at peak times. It’s up to the council now to do it’s job and to keep an eagle eye on this scheme in the interest of existing and future residents and to put their needs above those of the profit-driven wishes of those developing the site.”

Commenting on the Norwich Evening News Facebook page, Gonzo Nic echoed Mr Grouchy’s thoughts saying: “The plans for the northern bypass also will be creating a huge number of new homes for an area with very little industry left,” as did Carla Hodgson “I would have thought that the council would have had the sense to put in some sort of planning for the Thickthorn roundabout improvement knowing that the developers were pushing for this. We need more housing but we also need roads that can accommodate the additional traffic.”

Peter Waton joined the debate concerned about Norwich’s sewage system: “It would be very useful if local authorities were to publish details of how the current sewerage system is going to cope with the new burgeoning population. It’s something we all tend take for granted but it can be disastrous if things are not planned properly. Where is the evidence of that this essential human infrastructure is up to the task?”

While John Norton warned about future problems the development might cause: “If only we had the infrastructure to cope with all this new housing, we are heading for major problems.”

However Common Sense, posting on the EDP website disagreed and supported the controversial scheme saying: “Village...? I would nowadays argue that definition, it’s today more like a suburb of Norwich with the new developments planned. If you want a village move further away from the edge of a city, on the outskirts its inevitable housing growth. Another good development in the future that would bring a lot more housing and industrial developments would be in the North of the city after the NDR is finished. I believe this is a good thing.”

Maureen Hargreaves also commented to say the homes are needed: “We need new homes,they have to be built somewhere. I am a nature lover but its the sign of the times,too many people not enough houses.”

With Jenny Nichols agreeing the homes should be built but not just for young people, “Yes, more affordable homes and not just for young people for everyone.”

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