Is your spiraliser still in its box?

PUBLISHED: 11:11 30 August 2018 | UPDATED: 12:13 30 August 2018

Spiralisers were the hottest thing in cooking not long ago, but have they now been relegated to the back of the cupboard? Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Spiralisers were the hottest thing in cooking not long ago, but have they now been relegated to the back of the cupboard? Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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We’ve all seen crazes for coffee makers and juicers come and go and come back again, but what do we actually use and what’s still in the box?

Juicers, smoothie makers, spiralisers, meat tenderisers, emoji pancake moulds, sandwich cutters, ice cream makers and flour shakers - one chef’s dust collector is another chef’s favourite gadget, but what are they?

Discounting basic tools such as knives, spoons and strainers, we asked professional chefs ‘is the spiraliser still in the box?’ and to tell us about their favourite kitchen gadget.


“Essential utensils: Microplain grater, super sharp and available with different cutting blades, brilliant for zesting and grating; Chinese mandolin, great value and again versatile– watch your fingers!

“Bigger equipment: Thermoxmix, you can do so much with these machines – perfect puree’s, grinding spices, cooking out custard etc with no need to stir, you can even use them for steaming your dim sum or puddings.”

Eric Snaith, chef owner at Titchwell Manor Hotel, Titchwell, www.titchwellmanor.com


“Dan [Lawrence, chef and co-director] absolutely loves his thermomix. It’s a kitchen gadget which is a food processor, but can also cook at the same time. He uses it for all of his purees and would be lost without it. He’s also able to load all of his recipes onto the machine so that the machine weighs out all of the ingredients for you too! It’s amazing and we love it!”

Natalie Stuhler, operations director, Socius, Burnham Market, www.sociusnorfolk.co.uk


“It must be my spiraliser and it’s long since left the box!

“I love my spiralizer and use it nearly every day! It’s so functional creating vegetable noodles and ribbons. I know spiralisers are associated with courgettes creating courgetti and clean eating but mine is so much more. It can transform cucumbers, apples, beetroot, parsnips, carrots, sweet potato and potato – it’s such an all-round bit of kit.

“I started off using it to replace pasta for a lighter meal and add an extra veggie to our supper plates, but it’s great for creating ribbons of colour in my stir-fries. I’ve even added spiralised fruit to breakfast porridge and muesli. Dan, our head chef, is currently using it to create an exciting main course dish with Norfolk Quail. He’ll de-bone the legs, make a stuffing from the offal, stuff the leg with this. It will then be poached, chilled wrapped in the potato noodles and deep fried to accompany the breast. It just shows how with imagination this kit is so versatile!”

Vanessa Scott, director, Strattons Hotel, Swaffham, www.strattonshotel.com


We also asked some readers if their spiraliser was still in the box, and what kitchen gadget they used and didn’t use:


“My 10 in one king mandolin chopper is hardly ever used, although it is good for making fruit salads when I remember I have it.”

Clare Fryer


“Our pineapple de-corer seems to be in weekly use – a Lakeland plastic special that has become a vital member of our kitchen tools.”

Charles Ross


“I was going to say the pineapple thing.... amazing invention. At the time when I got it for Xmas I thought... charity shop next year... but how wrong I was. Smoothie maker on the other hand .... nope. Never used. Popcorn maker.... I forgot I even had it!”

Laura Burrows


“Yes [spiraliser still in the box},it still is, along with the juicer and popcorn maker.”

Amanda Moss


“Spiraliser was used manically for three weeks, now it’s cluttering up the cupboard along with a tagine and juicer! Nutribullet hasn’t even been used much this year! I gave my popcorn maker away and miss it, we eat lots of popcorn again! I use my teabag squeezer all the time – it saves burnt fingers.”

Isabel Hewitt-Parkings


“Blender is used regularly, bread maker was used regularly until it started malfunctioning, juicer has been relegated to the garage.”

Polly Atkin


“I wouldn’t be without my salad spinner. I have to try to keep it away from [husband] Rod though, because he pumps it so vigorously it tries to spin off the kitchen counter. I’ve tried explaining we want the lettuce dry, not killed by centrifugal force.

“My teabag squeezer is used so many times every day I don’t even consider it a gadget – it’s an essential. I do like my tea. Strong.”

Lana Dragicevich


“The spiraliser wouldn’t even fit back in its box!! It spiralled out of control at the back of my shelves, only to collect dust for a year or so. Just gave it to a friend of mine, who was discussing if they were any good, so I gave it to her to try.

“I’ve been very happy over the last year using a little hand-held alternative. Actually, I have an American apple corer thing, that takes off the skin and spirals the whole apple, and we all still love it and use it regularly.”

Ali Moët


“Kenwood sausage maker and mincer sadly still in box. Used once. Chocolate fountain again used once – took hours to clean.”

Jemima Pine


“My best gadget has to be my son (he’s a chef). I don’t use him very often as he is loud and messy. Only comes out at Christmas time.”

Dawn Lovick


“The chocolate fountain. Used twice and sold at car boot – used so much chocolate that was extortionately expensive and was an absolute nightmare to clean. Easier to melt chocolate in a bowl and dip your strawberries or marshmallows. No more hyper children at a party.”

Julie Pass


“Had a salad spinner in a holiday cottage years ago... they’re fab for spin drying your pants.”

Tracey Bagshaw


And mine? A soup maker I was given ages ago is still in its box, I prefer a saucepan, but a apple corer that peels and turns apples into spirals is a definite favourite.


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