Controversial new housing development on field near Hunstanton Tesco to be showcased to residents

Alexandra Road, in Hunstanton, which residents fear could be used to access a new housing development on the Sheep Field. Picture: Chris Bishop

Alexandra Road, in Hunstanton, which residents fear could be used to access a new housing development on the Sheep Field. Picture: Chris Bishop


Residents angered by plans to build 30 new homes on a field in a coastal town will get the chance to air their views at a consultation event.

Hunstanton residents fear their roads will be used to access the 30-home development proposed for the Sheep Field, between Alexandra Road and Tesco.

A petition calling for the development to instead be accessed via a roundabout on the supermarket’s access road has been signed by people in the area.

Hunstanton Town Council is today (Thursday, February 22) hosting a drop-in session at the Town Hall between 2pm and 7pm so residents can have their say.

They will be able to speak with the project team and also find out what being involved with a community-led housing development means.

They will be able to find out about eligibility criteria and be able to register their interest in the properties and getting involved with the project.

Adrian Lawrence, cabinet member for housing at West Norfolk council, said: “We have received some government funding to provide a community-led housing development.

“The Sheep Field, near Tesco in Hunstanton, has been identified and will feature approximately 30 homes.

“These will predominantly be affordable, helping to meet the needs of local people who are finding it increasingly difficult to get on the housing ladder.

“Preference for these low-cost homes will be given to local people.”

“This innovative scheme also means the people who could potentially be living on this site can get involved in the internal design of the properties, as well as forming a community to design some of the external areas, and to come up with arrangements for the future management of the site.

“It is a very different approach and we are very much looking forward to working with the community on this project.”

When the petition was handed to the town council in January, town councillor Robert Corby said: “I don’t personally believe the development should go through Alexandra Road, I don’t believe it should go through Waveney Road.

“There are lots of questions this proposal doesn’t answer. We may need houses but there are loads and loads of sites in Hunstanton designated for development.”

However councillor Christine Earnshaw said: “There’s very little affordable housing in Hunstanton. Our problem is not whether that field should be built on, our problem is access.”

Anyone unable to attend the drop-in session can still register their interest by getting in touch with Community Housing Delivery Officer Anna Clarke - anna.clarke@north-norfolk.gov.uk

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