Conor Oberst at Latitude

Latitude 2014

Latitude 2014 - Credit: Nick Butcher

A sultry Saturday afternoon provided the perfect backdrop for a dose of Americana, and who better to deliver it than the genre's reigning prince.

It has been many moons since Conor Oberst first brought country-inspired rock back to the forefront with the breakthrough band Bright Eyes.

Conor may have matured somewhat since then, but many of his distinct qualities remain - albeit with an extra helping of distortion.

The lyrics twisted and turned like a well-considered novel, while long guitar and organ solos underpinned a solid afternoon performance.

At times the 6 music tent resembled a giant game of sleeping lions, as families kipped away from the glare of the sun.

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And it certainly remained a hot affair on stage as Conor delivered a rousing finale looking like he had just stepped out of the shower.

There was certainly a sense that the Deep South had arrived at Latitude as Conor called time on his set.

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And I'm sure even those snoozing and slumbering would agree that it was a performance worth lifting an eye lid for.

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