Clothing tips for the groom

Whatever he's wearing at the top of that aisle is going to be shown forever, in albums, frames and online, so the groom doesn't have to look good, he has to look great! Try our tips for the groom, the wedding party and the guests.


Morning suits are ideal for traditional weddings, or for quirky ones too.

Lounge suits are more flattering if they're single breasted, unless he's very lean when a double breasted can beef up that look!

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A slim fitted lounge suit gives more shape around the waist, particularly with today's modern, tighter fitting lounge suits. These single breasted suits are timeless, so he won't look back and grimace at the photos in years to come.

For most of the ceremony, guests are looking at the groom's back. So while we're not suggesting lace, lacing or pearl buttons like the bride, do ensure the suit is properly fitted, particularly around the shoulders and waist.

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Try on plenty to find a fit that does just that, and pay the professionals to have it altered if necessary.

Guests can be a little more elaborate, but still look for a slim fit suit, clean lines and a peak lapel.

With 2013 looking like the year of 1920s vintage revival for weddings, men may want to follow suit with a pale coloured jacket and trousers with a high waist, and, of course, a straw boater.


Grooms and the wedding party need to keep it simple in soft white, and check those cuffs only just show below the suit sleeve.

Do wash a new shirt before the wedding as new collars can leave a rash, which will be uncomfy, and show in the photos.

Guests can turn to more vibrant colours, but do make sure it fits, not too tight but with no more than a finger fitting easily between the collar and neck.


The tie or cravat reflects his personality, and the wedding theme. Ideally have a single colour in fine silk, tied in a half Windsor. The wedding day is the one day when he won't mind wearing orange, lilac, pale blue or pink to complement the wedding colours – will he!


The wedding party can match the pocket square to the buttonhole, wear an ultra neat triangle or straight, keeping attention on the buttonhole flower.

Guests don't wear a buttonhole so can go to town with the pocket square. Go for vibrant flowers, vintage Liberty prints, polka dots and fun patterns.


Groomsmen can match their cufflinks to the wedding theme. Keep to the traditional shapes and personalise with photos, symbols, pictures and themes.

Guests can go as fun as they like with cufflinks!


Some brides like to buy their groom a watch for the wedding. Keep it classic, it's a forever reminder of the wedding day. The strap could match his shoes, with the face colour matching his ring.

Guests can wear their special occasion watch; leave the massive clock-altimeter-barometer at home!


Grooms need comfy but ultra smart shoes. Like the bride, he's in them all day, but they're on show too. Brogues may be smart enough for your look, otherwise try capped black Oxfords.

Guests can wear what they fancy, but steer clear of the work shoes. A suede or fancy brogue makes it clear they're here to celebrate.


An umbrella is always handy, plus a spare hanky to lend.

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