Christmas 2016: Which advert stole the show for you?

Screenshots of Christmas adverts 2016: Waitrose (left), Sainsbury's (middle) and Aldi UK (right)

Screenshots of Christmas adverts 2016: Waitrose (left), Sainsbury's (middle) and Aldi UK (right) - Credit: YouTube

They're taking over the television with heartwarming scenes of cute animals bouncing on trampolines, gift giving and festive family fun, but which Christmas advert is your favourite?

John Lewis

The most anticipated advert of the year dropped on Thursday, November 10 and features a boxer dog named Buster who watches his owner, a young girl bounce around her house in anticipation for the big day.

Her parents decide to gift her with a trampoline for Christmas, and that night a whole host of cute creatures enjoy the new addition to the garden.

John Lewis has come under fire for the ad, with many viewers claiming that it had 'ruined Christmas' for children by taking away the magic of Santa and instead showing a father putting together his child's gift, what do you think?

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Dave the hard-working father is the star of Sainsbury's animated advert about a father who is desperate to make it home in time for Christmas. The full three minute, 20 second advert follows the dad as he attempts to clone himself in order to be in two places at once - at home and at work.

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This tale is accompanied by the singing of actor and talk show host James Corden, on a track called The Greatest Gift For Christmas is Me, composed by Bret McKenzie who won the 2012 Oscar for best original song for The Muppets.


Screenshot from John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 showing animals enjoying the new trampoline. Pictur

Screenshot from John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 showing animals enjoying the new trampoline. Picture: John Lewis/YouTube - Credit: John Lewis/YouTube

While other adverts are a little more upbeat, Waitrose seems to be taking the opposite approach and making a bid for the holiday's biggest tear-jerker with their tale of a robin's homecoming.

The 90-second ad takes viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride as the Scandinavian robin experiences a series of near-fatal setbacks as it attempts to make it back to a UK garden, where a little girl is waiting.

The team behind the fully computer-generated bird said every element of the story had been fact-checked by experts to ensure it was 'as close to reality as possible'.

Marks and Spencer

Kevin the carrot is the star of Aldi's 2016 Christmas advert. Picture YouTube/AldiUK

Kevin the carrot is the star of Aldi's 2016 Christmas advert. Picture YouTube/AldiUK - Credit: YouTube/AldiUK

M&S appear to have a big hit on their hands with their ad about Mrs Claus, who stylishly steps in to save the day after a Christmas letter from a young boy called Jake arrives at the North Pole late.

Jake has spent the year bickering with his big sister Anna and now wishes to make amends but in order to do so, needs a little help from the famous festive family.

Social media users have suggested the advert is better than this year's John Lewis offering, do you agree?


Norfolk Farmer, Tony Kerry, teaches Lidl-sceptic Debbie about free range farming in the Lidl Christm

Norfolk Farmer, Tony Kerry, teaches Lidl-sceptic Debbie about free range farming in the Lidl Christmas advert. Photo: Lidl - Credit: Lidl

The German retailer's 2016 offering follows Lidl-sceptic Debbie, who in a message on social media suggests that the company's farms are like a 'prison for turkeys'.

In order to highlight the freedom their turkeys enjoy, the brand invites Debbie to spend a day on one of their farms to experience what it's really like for herself.

Debbie travels to Norfolk and dons a boiler suit as farmer Tony Kerry gets her involved in his work and shows her how the turkeys really live, proclaiming: 'This is what free range is all about, they can have the berries off the trees or anything they forage,' as he feeds them apples.


A carrot called Kevin on a quest for some festive fulfilment takes centre stage in Aldi's Christmas advert for 2016. The advert is set on Christmas Eve and features a voiceover from British acting legend Jim Broadbent in the style of the poem A Visit From St. Nicholas, which begins with the infamous line 'T'was the night before Christmas'.

The commercial clip shows Kevin's struggle to make his way across a dining room in a bid to meet Santa by waiting by the fire place for the festive fellow.

House of Fraser

The fashion forward ad from department store, House of Fraser, showcases a variety of luxurious products that viewers can snap up as gifts this season, including perfumes, clothes, bags and kitchenware.

House of Fraser enlisted help of professionals to create the most cracking ad they could, with award-winning director Emil Nava, who has worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris, taking charge of the campaign. Do you think their efforts paid off?


Supermarket Morrisons have revealed their advert for the festive season and it follows a young boy who is attempting to learn as many obscure facts as possible in preparation for his family's annual game of Trivial Pursuit on Christmas, where he intends to beat his grandad.

As he helps prepare for the big day, he is asked various questions by family members and strangers, including 'how many presents in the song 12 Days of Christmas' and is shown leafing through a Guinness Book of World Records.


The high street store's seasonal ad celebrates the half a million women who work on Christmas day, including ambulance workers, fire fighters and nurses and features an exclusive recording of the 1992 hit Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) by Kylie Minogue.

As a special treat to thank these ladies for all their hard work, Boots invites them to a pampering session, where make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists set to work making them look like movie stars, before they head out to a party to surprise their friends and family with their new looks.


Comic duo Ruth Jones and Ben Miller star in Tesco's festive offering in which Jones' character, Jo, can be heard moaning to herself 'it's only November' as staff in the store get out Christmas trees and Wizzard's 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' plays in the background.

As the advert progresses, Jo begins to worry about all the things she needs to do in order to prepare for the big day, stressing about shopping and decorations, but the end of the video her attitude on the season shifts as her husband brings over a box of mince pies, asking if it's to soon to eat them, to which she replies: 'Bring it on'.


Instead of providing just one advert this Christmas, Asda has produced one for each of their various products, including clothing, wine, cheese and food.

The adverts all with the theme, 'Christmas made better' show short comical family situations, including over the top Christmas fancy dress, never ending dinner tables and houses crammed full with guests.

• Which advert is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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