Faced with the huge task of modernising a newspaper archive, chatbot builder ubisend had to teach robots how to read the news - and sound like humans. The latest in The Disruptors series, chief technology officer Joe Dixon explains how they did it.

AI chatbots are revolutionising customer service, with an easy solution that bypasses pesky out-of-hours hotlines. The latest in The Disruptors series, Dean Withey, CEO of chatbot builder Ubisend, tells us more.

"Everything we do [is about] challenging norms," says Russell Carr, head of design at Lotus — and the electric hypercar Evija sums up that philosophy.

But does it sound like a Lotus? The latest in The Disruptors video series, meet the man whose job it is to know.

In a new video, Matt Windle, executive director of sports car engineering at Lotus, discusses what it takes to keep the automotive industry on its toes.

Scientists are racing to stop plant diseases that could devastate staple crops like wheat, corn and potato - resulting in food shortages around the world. Biologist Dr Peter van Esse of The Sainsbury Laboratory is one of them.

The secret to designing the perfect Olympic track bike? "Pushing regulations to the limit," says Richard Hill, the Lotus engineer hoping to help Team GB clinch cycling gold this summer.

From the Formula 1 Type 49 to the new Evija electric hypercar, Lotus' design director reflects on the brand's innovation legacy in the latest video in The Disruptors series.

It's the latest campaign as part of the rescue pony-turned local celebrity's ongoing fundraising work.

How to minimise the stress of large family holidays and gatherings? Keep it local and luxurious - you won't regret it.

With the big day just around the corner, be sure to add these Norfolk gifts to your basket

Norwich Turkish restaurant The Mediterranean is serving up authentic fare at refreshingly affordable prices.

Prof Jenni Barclay has been scrambling up volcanoes for 25 years to better understand what it means to live with uncertainty. Stevie Smith visited the volcanologist at UEA to find out how radioactive dating and calypso music are helping to find the answers.

Could measuring stable carbohydrates instead of proteins during health tests will improve the future of diagnostics? Iceni Diagnostics thinks so. The latest in The Disruptors video series, co-founder and CEO Rob Field explains how they turned an academic venture into a disruptive start-up.

The answers to some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs yet to come - like overcoming antibiotic resistance - lies in DNA. At Norwich Research Park, computer scientists at the Earlham Institute are racing to crack the code. Institute director Professor Neil Hall explains how.

When Equipmake's Ian Foley spotted a chance to future-proof his company, he grabbed it with both hands. The latest in The Disruptors video series, he explains how a change of direction was key to the electric vehicle systems start-up's success.

We make unique and innovative cycling tools. Our first product, Rehook, is the original tool to get your chain back on your bike.

Professor David Russell's research into fingerprinting led to a market breakthrough - and the launch of a significant drugs test challenger. In the latest installment in The Disruptors video series, he explains how he did it.

Panel Graphic's Steve Earl admits that building his own plastic coating factory 21 years ago was "a gamble" - but one that paid off. The latest in The Disruptors video series, the man who makes displays for Porsche, BAE Systems and McLaren explains how he did it.

For the founder of clothing and accessories label Carrier Company, a love of north Norfolk runs deep. Stevie Smith spoke to Tina Guillory about the importance of keeping it local and taking inspiration from the big Norfolk skies.

Hingham-based Mirus is shaking up airline interiors with sleek, high performance seating for clients like TUI and AirAsia. The latest in The Disruptors video series, head of engineering Peter Drake shows us around.

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