It may be time to ask East Anglia’s St Edmund for help: he’s the patron saint of pandemics AND he may have been buried in Lyng

A haunted wood, a strange stone that bleeds and a host of legends that link it to a martyred Saint, a ruined nunnery and ritual sacrifices.

Do you need a cure for “…colic…melancholy…the clammy humours of the body” or an “over-moist brain”? Head for Reffley Spring near King’s Lynn.

A terrible shapeshifting horror, a ghost that rattles the chains that drowned him, a spectral coach and horses and a phantom donkey: Geldeston in Norfolk boasts ghosts aplenty

Why did the Swaffham gravestone twist itself away from what was buried underneath it?

Top-selling authors Frances and Michael Holmes of Norwich Heritage Projects are embarking on a journey – by tram and they would like your help. Derek James spoke to them

The ghost of Mann Egerton: ‘Each time I have seen the nun it has been daylight with the lights on. I know when she is about to appear because I get a feeling of being cold.’

Does the spirit of a murdered woman still roam the rooms of a shop on Magdalen Street, or has she finally found the peace she was denied in life?

An unsettling time slip in Horning: “The three began to feel uneasy, noting that a strange silence had descended…The landscape became blurry and the houses were replaced by ancient cottages.”

Black Shuck in Blakeney: “She heard the ‘light dragging and tinkling of a chain’ but could see nothing – whatever made the noise, however, followed her as she walked…”

Brograve Mill stands as a lonely sentinel on land once owned by a man said to have made a bargain with the Devil which he had no intention of honouring.

She was the wise woman of Walsham who could reverse the ‘evil eye’ and whose work was still remembered within living memory.

They’re the spectral traffic police who charge at incoming traffic in Hedenham in an old-fashioned coach drawn by a team of horses.

Could Gorleston have once been Norfolk’s answer to Stonehenge complete with a stone circle used for ancient worship?

The red-faced ghost of Rollesby with a case of mistaken identity – is it a murderer or a victim of murder whose face appears covered in blood?

How do you solve a problem like Sister Barbara?

The wise women of Wells-next-the-Sea involved in two murder cases – but who escaped trial at both.

The witch, the arsenic and the adulterers: the story of the Burnham Market Poisoners who consulted a witch in Wells to help them make their husbands ‘disappear’.

At the tail-end of the 1800s, a series of strange goings-on haunted Bumbler’s Farm in Shelfanger: doors opened and closed of their own accord, a towel roller in the kitchen spun violently as if powered by an unseen hand, ornaments in the parlour crashed to the ground and the ghostly figure of a woman was seen.

At the meeting point of two links in one of Norfolk’s ancient ley lines there is a ghostly rider – the White Lady of Kirby Bedon.

The ghostly bride that haunts old Catton wearing her wedding dress and drifting across the road after a premature and tragic death.

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