The lore and legends about the existence of secret underground passages that criss-cross Norfolk have fascinated generations - one such tunnel is said to have once been under Ingham church's altar.

It's little surprise that so many air force bases are said to be haunted if you think about the number of men in the prime of their lives who never returned from wartime sorties and whose bodies never received a proper burial - can you hear one on this chilling recording?

Our final live recording of 2019 is hosted by The Merchant's House.

More evidence has been received about the Wildman of Watton, Bigfoot of the Forest, the Beast of the A1075, whatever you choose to call the creature that many have seen stalking through the trees near Thetford: Weird Norfolk talked to the woman compiling their stories.

Linger too long in an isolated place while twilight falls and you risk a visit from the elusive Hikey Sprites, the curious creatures that creep from the shadows at night and which serve as a timely warning to keep walking towards the light, the Boggarts of the Norfolk folklore world.

In Norwich on October 27 1959 at 4.15pm Topsie swung into action and those fortunate enough to have a television set sat down to watch the arrival of Anglia TV but the unsung heroes were down the road in Suffolk.

This week we are hosted by Biddy's Tearoom in Norwich, where we hear all sorts of strange and spooky tales.

Cor blimey - did the Devil jump at the chance of taking ownership of a slice of Corpusty real estate when human bones were denied a Christian burial?

This week's Weird Norfolk is a cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for.

This week we tiptoe over the border to Suffolk to have a chat with local historian and paranormal expert, Ivan Bunn

Weird Norfolk has put together a Weird Walk for King's Lynn as part of the Norfolk Walking and Cycling Festival, which returns this October and will see a host of events which celebrate the county with an exciting range of events for all ages, abilities and interests. Find a dragon's tongue, one of Norfolk's most haunted houses, the place where a witch's heart bounced to the river and far more on a walk that highlights Lynn's weirder side.

How stones in Norfolk were thought to be an insurance policy against catching the plague in medieval times (Spoiler: they didn't work).

The Thetford railway bridge ghost that returned to set the record straight and clear his name

The phantom black dog of Buxton that foretold the death of a loved one and why it's best to be cautious when visiting rural churchyards in Norfolk at twilight...

To marry one woman accused of witchcraft is misfortunate, to marry two is plain suspicious.

We often complain that we're stuck in the middle of nowhere when we find ourselves lost in unfamiliar surroundings. But what happens when you want to be stuck in the middle of Nowhere but you just can't find it? Weird Norfolk go looking for the Nowheres in the county.

Whistle and he'll come to you: at a church in Norfolk, it's said that Satan can be summoned by a strange ritual. Weird Norfolk find out what it takes to see the Devil in Swanton Morley.

A family hoping for a holiday packed with sun, sea and sandcastles in Great Yarmouth were surprised to find a guest had already taken up residence in the caravan they had been renting for four days - an invisible entity which made it perfectly clear it wanted them to leave.

They are the pebble-hunter's Holy Grail, the all-seeing eyes that protect us from nightmares and witches. Weird Norfolk looks at witch stones - the pebbles with holes all the way through them - and finds out the folklore that surrounds them

The Witch of Loddon, the biting imps and her daughter Mary, who escaped a pact with Satan in order to marry her Lucky Chance - and it happened less than 150 years ago…

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