As customers begin returning to pubs and holiday destinations, how can leisure, tourism and hospitality businesses ensure a sustainable recovery?

Six stunning sandy British beaches to visit after the lockdown ends for your bucket (and spade) list.

MHA Larking Gowen brings business leaders together to discuss the future for the sector in the region.

Six stunning churches to visit after the Covid-19 lockdown

Ten tips for getting the best from remote workers, from Best Employers Eastern Region

Plan the perfect post-pandemic getaway with a trip-of-a-lifetime driving holiday

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Lessons from the lockdown

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Best Employers Eastern Region exists so businesses can share knowledge, inspire and learn from one another, with a focus on employee engagement. It’s shown time and again that companies with motivated, engaged staff are more successful and sustainable than their peers – but just as there has never been a tougher time for organisations to look after people, there has never been a greater need for it.

Here’s our pic of our Island Nation’s offshore offerings - add one to your bucket list for your post-Covid lockdown trip of a lifetime.

The imposition of lockdown changed the way we work – but how do we change it back? Best Employers explain the benefits of a smarter, people-led approach.

Future 50 partners explain how they can support the region’s up-and-coming businesses through the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

Brilliant breweries to visit when lockdown is lifted.

Covid-19 is placing unprecedent demands on executives. Here’s the Best Employers’ advice on being a good leader during the Pandemic.

New £750 million emergency Covid-19 fund for charities - and it’s first-come, first-served so accountants Lovewell Blake urge local charities to apply now.

Adapting to Covid-19 has brought out the best in business – and the Best Employers are using people power to survive.

When working on your post-Covid lockdown bucket list, ask yourself what have the Romans ever done for us? Inspired some amazing trips, for a start. Then there’s the aqueduct...

While we’re all adapting to video conferencing within our teams and with external contacts, bringing someone into the business can feel different – as though it needs the personal touch, to measure the firmness of the handshake and pick up on a whole range of non-verbal cues. Yet when handled correctly it is possible to manage an interview process without meeting the candidates, even reading body language on screen without that hands-on sense of getting to know them.

I find myself with a column to write and an issue to address... and an uphill struggle to convince most readers that I’m talking sense. I know that. 
But please give me a chance because I’m pretty sure I can convince you that, when 
lockdown ends, you should start riding a motorbike.

With work forces scattered, communication within a business has never been so important. Best Employers share the secrets of effective engagement.

Great caverns to add to your post-pandemic bucket list.

Coronavirus and lockdown have altered how we work - but for Best Employers, remote working is an opportunity as much as a change.

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