A Norwich man has transformed his mental health anguish into remarkable art which is helping people around the world

Stories and pictures of kindness fill a heartwarming new Norwich art exhibition

Launch of charity for film-lovers and film-makers across Norfolk

Looking for a quirky gift? How about some medieval weapons or jewellery from the new Keep Adopting scheme at Norwich Castle?

The legacy of Sir John Hurt will live on in a new film charity to be launched tomorrow, Sunday November 10

The glorious churches of East Anglia, as seen through the eyes of artists, are the stars of a lavish new book

Top cake creator Laura Grix has treasured a newspaper cutting from childhood. It began a career which combines artistry, baking, teaching and helped put right a generations-old family disaster

The mystery of a mummified cat with an extra-long neck and how to ensure an afterlife of no work and plenty of beer - revealing the secrets of Norwich Castle's Egyptian collection

With Halloween just around the corner, what else might be waiting out there? Venture with us into the realms of ghosts, spirits and phantoms

Norwich is to host the UK cinema premiere of Snowpiercer, featuring Sir John Hurt, as a new film charity is launched in his memory

A Norwich therapist has developed a cool way to defeat hot flushes

A memorial to murdered village policeman George William Gutteridge will be unveiled in Wimbotsham on November 16, revealing how his legacy has helped countless millions of people

Konnie Huq's appearance at Norwich Science Festival has been cancelled.

Ghostland, by Edward Parnell, explores the haunts of ghouls in literature and film, the natural and unnatural world, and the horror of his own family history.

Join keen Norfolk cook and Bake Off hopeful Kate Royall as she tackles the latest, fiendishly difficult, technical challenge

Loneliness, isolation and abuse might not sound like something to sing about - but the women of Watton's Choir of Hope are making music to mend people's broken hearts, bodies and dreams.

The new bishop of Norwich talks about science and religion, politics and prayer, caring for the planet and the poor - and churches full of people and hives full of bees.

The little-known story of one of the great women of the city has been retold by a health worker who discovered her heroine was also a relative

Little Callan was dying - until his dad saved his life with a liver transplant

Dragons, demons, monks and artists haunt lonely, lovely St Benet's Abbey - and there's just time for a free guided tour before the dark days of winter.

Boat trips, thatching and finding out what an owl last ate are just part of the fun of a trip to How Hill

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