To kiss: touch or caress with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire, or greeting − should only be executed with the consent of both parties.

At the same times as Charles Dickens was writing his classic novels, Mrs Mortimer was penning her own, not so classic, view of the entire world.

Glastonbury... why? I realise the festival offers fans probably the best programme of live music anywhere - they've got Kylie, for goodness sake, but come on, it's not going to be a comfy weekend, is it?

A recent Sky Atlantic drama revisited the Russian nuclear accident, revealing the true extent of the tragedy. Could it happen at Sizewell B? Our reporter finds out more...

Changes to the state pension age have acutely affected women born in the 1950s, leaving many unable to manage as they are left with scant or no income.

As Conservative Party members decide who will be the next Prime Minister, we look at the perils of the job interview.

Opinion No Cutty Sark for spotty Lynne

Monday, June 24, 2019

Lynne was hoping for a lovely break in Greenwich... but in the mean time...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle was first published in 1969. Since then the book for small children has become a staple of bedtime and many parents know it by heart.

It is 46 years since ITV first aired the Hovis "boy on a bike" commercial. Even then, it struck a chord of nostalgia - can it do it again in 2019?

This week, there is a judicial review of the process that raised women's state retirement age to 66 - threatening to plunge many into poverty. Our reporter reveals what we know so far.

If you were just about to pack those nice, capacious swim shorts for a holiday in France, you might want to check the local rules first.

The missile of choice may have changed but protesters have been throwing things at politicians for millennia. Here are some of the incidents over the course of 2,000 years.

It's where men go to pursue their hobbies but why should they be the only ones to have a personal retreat? It's our turn now, girls.

Is hoarding greetings cards a known condition... or is it just me?

It looks as if baby Archie, the first child of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be kept, as far as possible, away from the glare of publicity. We look at how it's going so far.

Bucket lists - 100 things to do before you die? Forget it, I'm listing the stuff I never want to do and the things I can really do without. So there.

Percy Pigs are going totally vegetarian - causing outrage with some customers. What other foods taste different these days?

We won't find out until the end of may but a shortlist of 30 has been drawn up. Who would you choose... or has your comedy hero failed to make the cut?

A House of Lords Committee has suggested pensioners should lose some of their benefits to help young people − a rubbish idea says this 64-year-old reporter

Opinion X-Ray ready - not a good look

Monday, April 29, 2019

In 2013 there was the knee replacement, now the hip is playing up and I'm back under the doctor.

A new report shows that many of us don't have secure passwords online. If yours is Liverpool or 123456, you might want to think again.

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