A couple were rescued by Hunstanton Hovercraft today after their car was cut off by the tide

Hunstanton hovercraft by Clifford Hicks

A couple in their 70s had to be rescued after their car was cut off by the tide on the road leading to Brancaster Golf Club today.

Hunstanton Hovercraft was launched at about 6pm to go to the aid of the couple, after a request by Humber Coastguard.

The road is subject to flooding on certain tides, and the couple, who had driven from the car park, are believed to have driven into the water until the engine flooded.

While they were sitting inside the car, the water had risen just above the sills and had entered the vehicle.

The hovercraft was unable to get to the vehicle, so the crew walked over the bank to help them. They then pushed the car onto higher ground.

The Hunstanton volunteer crew waited with the couple – believed to be in their 70s – until Wells coastguard managed to get their 4x4 vehicle down the road.

Wells coastguard took the couple to the Ship Inn at Brancaster where they made arrangements to have the car recovered and checked over.

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The Hunstanton fire service and police were also involved.

A spokesman for Hunstanton Hovercraft said: 'Our advice to visitors when visiting local beauty spots in the area is to check the tide times, as several of the local harbour areas flood at certain tides.'

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