5 phizz-whizzing cocktails you can get in Norwich to celebrate 100 years of Roald Dahl

Be At One's Roald Dahl themed cocktails, made to celebrate 100 years since the author's birth. Photo

Be At One's Roald Dahl themed cocktails, made to celebrate 100 years since the author's birth. Photo: Mustard TV - Credit: Archant

This week marks 100 years since the birth of children's author, Roald Dahl, and to celebrate the occasion Be At One on Bank Plain in Norwich are creating a range of cocktails inspired by some of his most notable works of fiction. Here's a look at the new additions to their menu.

Roald Dahl themed cocktails at Be At One. Pictured: Bean Farm Cider. Photo: Mustard TV

Roald Dahl themed cocktails at Be At One. Pictured: Bean Farm Cider. Photo: Mustard TV - Credit: Archant

• James and the Giant Peach

Inspired by the 1961 novel of the same name, this twist on an Old Fashioned is Be At One's favourite drink from the limited edition range and contains a mixture of whisky, peach schnapps and breakfast tea that combined create a cocktail that tastes a lot like a boozy iced tea. Even if you're not usually a whisky fan, this sweet drink is bound to win you over.


• Frobscottle

Usually only consumed in Giant Country this drink from The BFG, which is described as being green and fizzy, has been given an adventurous make-over by Be At One and now contains a variety of unique ingredients, including raspberry vodka, vanilla syrup, egg whites, flower bitters, vanilla bitters, soda, lemon and lime juice, as well as milk and cream. Ultimately the drink is a take on a classic gin fizz and tastes rather like a raspberry smoothie. Sadly the team have yet to work out how to make the bubbles go down, instead of up as they do in the book.


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• Bean Farm Cider

Cider fans will enjoy this alternative version of a champagne cocktail, made using rum, cider and brown sugar and garnished with a candied orange slice to continue the sweet theme. The drink is inspired by the 1970 classic, Fantastic Mr Fox, taking its name from one of the three wicked farmers described by Dahl.


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• George's Marvellous Medicine

Unlike the lethal concoction created by George, this drink won't cause you to blow up into a large balloon or catch fire. Instead the sweet tipple will prove to be a refreshing and zingy treat. Served in a glass with a lemon sherbet rim, this chilled cocktail contains gin, peach schnapps, violette liqueur and lemon juice - no traces of brown paint, floor polish or horseradish sauce to be found anywhere.


• The Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka himself would be proud of this indulgent drink made with ice cream, chocolate sauce, amaretto, vanilla liqueur, cream, milk and blended with ice for thickness. The finished product is more of a chocolate mousse than a cocktail and is topped off with a handful of white chocolate buttons - because what goes better with chocolate than more chocolate?


• The limited edition Roald Dahl cocktails will be available from Be At One in Norwich from Monday, September 12 to Friday, September 16. To find out how you can make your own, tune in to Mustard TV from 6.30pm each day this week to see how Be At One's bartenders whip them up.

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