The final instalment in the Twilight saga has arrived and whilst that may mean a lot to some people it doesn’t for me. Ever since the arrival of the first movie that took the world by storm in 2008 I never saw the appeal. By now I think it’s evidently clear on how you feel about these films. You either love them or you hate them and whilst I don’t hate them I wouldn’t say I like them.

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About our new blogger Jack Bool

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My reviews include a variety of films, from wide releases to independent releases, as well as classics and foreign language movies. I also take requests and I am very privileged to be writing for the EDP, Evening News and Yarmouth Mercury, reviewing as many new titles as possible.

Picking up where part one of Breaking Dawn left off Bella has given birth to Renesmee, however after a false allegation the Cullen’s gather a variety of vampires in order to protect the child from the Volturi.

Now in all fairness after enduring ten hours of this series I can honestly say despite my disapproval of the film Breaking Dawn Part 2 is certainly the best Twilight. Of course it has all the negatives of the previous films but surprisingly Kristen Stewart’s character is far more interesting than she has ever been before. Her new found vampire skills are entertaining to watch at first but once you hit the half-way point the movie just runs out of steam. Like last year’s Part 1 a lot of the scenes feel extremely long-winded and dare I say unnecessary. One thing that annoys me about this film is that I personally don’t see the need to split the fourth and final instalment into two parts. I think it could have quite easily been some sort of three hour epic as opposed to an overlong two parter, but hey there obviously going to make millions so I imagine everyone behind the film was in favour.

Remembering that this is a Twilight film the acting is noticeably better but still average. To me I think a few of the actors have certainly had enough of starring in these films, especially Robert Pattinson who in the past I’ve heard publicise his opinion which is not exactly positive but all credit to him and the remainder of the cast for remaining professional as let’s be honest five years of saying lines like “You better hold on tight spider monkey” would drive most actors insane. The dialogue is still cheesy and the plot is far from intriguing but like I said fans will obviously love it.

Without giving anything away there is a fantastic scene towards the end of the film which involves a battle sequence which really stretches the 12A rating. Of course as usual in these films the CGI needs work as its still seriously out-dated but heads are ripped off and vampires are set on fire unfortunately the ending of the movie is extremely unsatisfying and fans of the books be warned as apparently the ending is completely different in comparison to its novelistic counterpart.

Although I am happy the series is over I respect and acknowledge that some will be devastated and whilst this movie is the best, it’s still for fans only.