Pitch Perfect, a movie that closely resembles the TV show Glee, however despite originally knowing that this movie wouldn’t appeal to me judging from the trailers the overall product wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

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Release Date: 21st December 2012 (UK)

The film stars Anna Kendrick as Beca, a freshman at Barden University being cajoled into joining The Bellas, her schools all-girls singing group injecting some much needed energy into their repertoire, in order for them to take on their male rivals in a campus competition.

Now although I thought this movie was a very mixed bag there were a few positives that I could draw from my experience. For example I thought Anna Kendrick was great in this film and a prime example of perfect casting. She delivers an assured performance and her singing ability, although pre-recorded was very impressive. Now the film does feature a wide variety of actors and actresses with a couple of familiar faces making the odd appearance but one actress who really surprised me with her contribution was Rebel Wilson. Admittedly I’m not the biggest fan of hers and beforehand I thought she was a bit overrated as a comic actress but in this she definitely reassured me. Whilst this film is far from a laugh out loud comedy Wilson definitely deserves the occasional snigger but I think the thing that prevented me from enjoying this film was the fact that I am a boy, and this is certainly a film for females or Glee fans.

The soundtrack didn’t really do much for me as there was the odd song I liked but the majority were a bit of a mixed bag. Sure there popular but again like the film everything feels a bit feminine. It’s not really the type of film for me. Despite originally hearing that the songs were balanced between eras I don’t think two or three out of say fifteen tracks makes that accurate, however I do think judging from your initial reaction to the films trailer it should give you a fair reflection of whether you will like this film or not. By no means did I dislike it; it’s just that I didn’t feel any emotion whilst watching it.

Throughout its duration Pitch Perfect is incredibly predictable, in fact it may be one of the most predictable movies of the year. It follows all of the typical chick-flick traits and although the ending is satisfactory it’s evidently clear how it’s all going to pan out after forty minutes.

Overall Pitch Perfect is ultimately a film that many will love, but I think you know whether you will like it or not. It’s the type of film that will have its fan base but for the rest of us it’s nothing more than moderately enjoyable or in my case just alright.