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Denis Rosembert has returned to the city centre with his Chez Denis café and brasserie in Orford Yard, Red Lion Street, Norwich.

Taste of the Caribbean is being brought back to Norwich city centre

Sunday, November 11, 2012
8.00 AM

A taste of the Caribbean has returned to central Norwich after more than 14 years.

Norfolk restaurateur Denis Rosembert says he feels as if he is returning home after reopening a business in Orford Yard, off Red Lion Street.

Mr Rosembert, 54, ran Cafe Des Amis, in Orford Yard, for six years before his lease expired in 1998, but has now taken the opportunity to return.

Cafe and brasserie Chez Denis has now opened, replacing Cafe Morello, bringing Creole French Caribbean and Cajun dishes to the city centre.

Mr Rosembert is aiming to bring some of the charm of his Chez Denis restaurant in Easton, west of Norwich, with him to make a success of his new venture.

“I have missed Orford Yard ever since I left in 98,” Mr Rosembert said. “It’s like being born again and I’m hoping to take it back to how Cafe Des Amis was before, when in the day we would serve 120 people lunch on a Saturday. It’s a tough time to be opening a business but to me this is not a risk. I have been in the trade since 1973 so I think I know what I’m doing.”

A sample of the food on offer at Mr Rosembert’s new venture includes a lunch menu which features a Creole avocado starter and mains including chunky chilli beef and cajun salmon.

Mr Rosembert added: “If you have the right location and you provide the correct food, you’ll make it. Our food is different to everyone else in Norwich and I know my core clients will follow us, so I’m confident we will do well.”

Mr Rosembert is also selling ‘made in Norfolk’ sauces based on recipes he was taught by his grandmother from as early as the age of six years old, including Creole barbecue sauce and Creole hot pepper sauce.

For more information about Chez Denis, as well as Mr Rosembert’s ‘made in Norfolk’ sauces, go to www.chezdenis.co.uk

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