Ministers, MPs, tour guides and even police officers have been working their way through a selection of Norfolk food and drink at parliament today.

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The EDP Adnams Norfolk Food and Drink Festival made a return visit to Westminster as part of its mission to promote local produce across the country.

Eight Norfolk MPs gave the event their support, bringing along colleagues and even bringing up the festival during a parliamentary debate to ensure word spread.

Among the big names digging into the free samples and tasters were environment monster David Heather and House of Commons speaker John Bercow.

He said: “I applaud the initiative in bringing the festival and local produce to parliament. It’s tribute not only to the producers but to the local MPs as well.

“It’s a great reminder of the distinctiveness of local food. You can tell something that’s genuine, local meat as opposed to something that’s been heavily treated and mass produced.”

The food festival visit was organised by Anglia Farmers.

For more on the event which became the talk of parliament, get tomorrow’s EDP.