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Norwich City's Craig Fleming and Leon McKenzie celebrate the win at Ipswich in 2003. Photo: Simon Finlay.

The 10 best and worst East Anglian derby matches for Norwich City fans

In five days, the Canaries will use their sharp beaks to deflate the Tractor Boys’ tyres. The EDP’s Steven Downes goes up against Terry Hunt from the East Anglian Daily Times to pick the best of the encounters.

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You never knew what you were going to get in the days before digital cameras, but you can bet the pictures never turned out like this. Still, there were always a few treasures in the pack - and it was a way of briging the holiday back to life again. Picture: PA

Opinion: Digital age has put paid to that magical wait for holiday photos

Recently, I was nominated by a friend on Facebook to find and share (ie post online) five photographs that make me smile.

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Cafés and pubs which welome canine clientele will not be on Steve Downes's must-visit list.

Opinion: Keep dogs out of our pubs and restaurants

Warm congratulations to all the pubs and restaurants that this week won awards for being dog friendly.

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Its important we all do what we can to make roads safer, says Steve Downes.

Opinion: You think you are a great driver? Well, I suspect that you’re not

I am an excellent driver. I expect you are, too. In fact, there isn’t a person that I have ever met who thinks anything else.

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Sidney Grapes, famous for his Boy John letters, was an amateur Norfolk comedian proud of his dialect.

Opinion: I can speak posh if I need to but I’m happier talking proper

Sometimes, the truth hurts. So if you are easily offended, go now to another page.

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No expense is spared these days when school leavers celebrate with a prom.

Opinion: No need to spend a small fortune on your teenager’s school prom

When I left high school in 1990, we didn’t have a prom, we had a riot.

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