West & Fens Fishing: Piggeries have started producing

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
10:00 AM

Fluctuating water levels pulled the rug out from under anglers’ feet on the water tipped to deliver some bumper catches.

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The Relief Channel lost a couple of feet over night before June 16 and just a few skimmers and hybrids were caught, instead of the expected ton-up nets.

Ten Mile Bank has made up for it with a steady start, with bream showing over the weekend. One angler had more than 100lbs from a peg on the Brown’s Farm stretch.

Others reported 50lb bags from a river that’s running clear with a little flow, with worm and maggot on the feeder the going method.

The Piggeries – as regulars know the section downstream towards Denver – has also been producing.

Early days of the season have seen an influx of visiting anglers from Yorkshire, drawn by the empty banks and miles of draain and river on offer.

That probably confirms what many think, that the Ouse is probably as good as it gets when it comes to river fishing either in East Anglia or further afield at the moment.

Worrying times not so far away on the lower reaches of the Nene, where reports of dead and dying fish downstream of Peterborough are being linked to a chemical spill.

Police and the Environment Agency are now investigating the spill, believed to have happened in the Orton Southgate area of the city.

Whatever’s got into the river had found its way as far downstream as the tidal sluice at Dog in Doublet by yesterday. People are being advised to stay away from the river.

Stillwaters are fishing well up on the coast, with Shepherd’s Port and Springside both providing plenty of carp.

Anglers have been surprised at how many oarger fish have been showing in Springside. Perhaps with less bream in the lake, the water is staying clearer, meaning they’re easier to see.

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