Angling results and fixtures

Thursday, January 17, 2013
1:12 PM

Open and club match results and fixtures.

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Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake A: Frank Ling 12lb 5oz, Glen Burden 10lb 8oz, John Catchpole 8lb 5oz. Section A: Neville Cook 8lb 4oz. Section B: Richard Baker 7lb 6oz

Aldeby Hall: C Knights (Harleston) 35lb 4oz, M Dobson (Veterans) 24lb 15oz, A Gibbons 10lb 3oz

Cobble Acre (midweek): C Askins (Norwich) 64lb 15oz, D Pike (Norwich) 24lb 13oz, J Randell (Sensas) 23lb 1oz. (Sun): Jeanette Halliday (Angling Direct) 25lb 0oz, B Bygrave (NDAA) 23lb 14oz, C Gladding (Rhino) 18lb 14oz

Mill Farm (Sat): S Kindlysides (East Harling) 62lb 4oz, S Parker (Mulbarton) 39lb 0oz, D Magim (Tacolneston) 28lb 8oz. (Mon): R Finch (Deben) 36lb 8oz, K Clarke (Wymondham) 27lb 12oz, Marion Mancini (Yarmouth) 23lb 10oz

North Norfolk Sea League (Salthouse): T Thomas (North Norfolk Lads) 12lb 8oz, M Watts (North Norfolk Lads) 7lb 15oz, H Randell (Gutter Bashers) 7lb 2oz. Teams: North Norfolk Lads 6 penalty points, Gutter Bashers 7, Crackoffs 8. (300 whiting and flatfish weighed in)

Barford (Midweek): D Cooper (NDAA) 124lb 5oz, R Patrick (Barford Tackle) 44lb 2oz, C Stevens (Oddfellows) 23lb 9oz. (Sat) (Railway/Willow): R Young (Browning HR) 48lb 4oz, R Finch (Deben) 46lb 15oz, S Clarke (Maver) 36lb 10oz


Harleston, Wortwell & District AC (Middle Pit): Ray Catlin (GV) 32lb 0oz, Steve Timberlake (H) 23lb 0oz, Mal Runacres (H) 20lb 12oz, Dave Ratcliff (GV) 19lb 10oz

Dereham & District AC (Wicklewood): John Laskey 35lb 4oz, Steve Brown 18lb 8oz, Jim Purse 12lb 3oz

Stalham AC (Stalham Boatyards): Mike Dossena 14lb 10oz, Dave Dearman 14lb 4oz, Roger Farmer 14lb 3oz

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets (Beccles) (Tues): J Beckham 8lb 5oz, R Brand 7lb 11oz, M Hanks 5lb 5oz. (Thurs): M Hanks 6lb 7oz, D Roe 5lb 14oz, M Dobson 5lb 4oz

Bergh Apton: P Manthorpe 16lb 0oz, D Needs 14lb 0oz, B Watson 13lb 8oz

UG (Barford): S Bartram 22lb 8oz, D Bray 16lb 2oz, P Britcher 12lb 2oz

Dukes (Wensum): L Brown 24lb 3oz, C Sadler 16lb 9oz, S James 16lb 4oz

Attleborough MG (Besthorpe): T Kitchen 19lb 0oz, T Bostock 12lb 10oz, R Scraf 5lb 10oz

Odd Chaps (Willow): J Stevens 36lb 10oz, D Chapman 26lb 6oz, N Copti 11lb 4oz

Wymondham (Barford PL): M Edwards 40lb 7oz, A Farrow 37lb 0oz, M Jarvis 31lb 9oz

Codgers (Barford): M Girling 20lb 10oz, M Baxter 12lb 12oz, R Taylor 11lb 1oz. (Barford): A Farrow 36lb 3oz, R Cross 31lb 12oz, R Harris 24lb 9oz.


Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake C: Saturday, draw 9am, fish 10am–3pm, £19 per head all in fee, optional gold, silver and bronze pegs standing at £200, maximum 20-peg match, John 01502 586284 or 07766 697873

Harleston, Wortwell & District AC: Four Match Silver Fish Series (Club & Middle Pits - Weybread) Saturday, February 2 & 16 and March 2, book Nigel Poll 01379 853571

Barford Winter League: Subject to weather 07766 658948

Barford Fox: Check at office 01603 759624

Mill Farm: Saturday, Monday 01953 452769

Aldeby Hall: January 26 07799 767216

Diary date: Norwich and District AA, annual meeting, Canary Club, February 5, 7.45pm, entry by membership card