Norfolk Angling

A cracking rudd from The Willows.

Whither the Willows in Downham Market

It was surprising what was hidden under the surface when they removed the fish from the Willows.

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It's on the way - John Bailey is preparing for the winter months - as is the heron.

Welcoming winter freeze with a hesitant heart and cold socks

Well, it’s really here isn’t it? I knew winter was snapping at my heels just the other morning when I laced up my winter boots in preparation for a pike guiding session.

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Kenneth Sturman with his 35lb 8oz common at Taswood Fishery.

Barford Fishery produces valuable hauls for experienced duo

Silver and gold, whose commercial values plunged to five-year lows during the economic recession, were nevertheless in great demand at the Barford Fishery.

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Dave Gaunt with his fabulous 13lb Wye barbel.

Thanks, Mother Nature – you never fail to spring a surprise

So much to say, so little space to say it in – but here goes.

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Kane Roberts shows off a magnificent personal best 34lb 12oz common carp taken from Nar Valley Fisheries Lake Geneva.

Touch of excellence from the cream of East Anglia

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention and intelligent expectation.

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