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  • Sharky, I reckon you and I must be about the same vintage. The postion we're in now is luxury compared to some we've been in in the past. Anyone else remember losing twice on consecutive days to Alf Ramsay's team in blue, Boxing Day and 27th December 1961 was it? 3-0 and 4-1 in the old second division if I remember rightly. City right now are punching way, way above their weight, like a welterweight fighting against middles (teams like Fulham) and heavies (Manchester United etc.). Give Hughton some credit, he can only work with what he's got, and his first priority was shoring up the defence. Only one squad in the Prem cost less than ours, which is Reading's. Teams that spent a lot more last summer, including A Villa (over 20,000), Sounthampton (ditto) and QPR (enough said) are still below us. Even Newcastle are, and think how much money they've got.

    Johnny Gavin Lives

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013