Norwich City season ticket prices for next year have gone up £1.50 per game or about 8.8pc – with a standard season ticket in the Barclay Stand rising from £389 to £423.50.

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There are discounts for people who buy season tickets early and prices for under-21s, under-16s and under-12s have been frozen at 2009/10 levels.

However, the age at which senior adults receive a concession has moved from 60 to 65 to bring the club into line with other organisations and to reflect a pending legislative change to the national age of retirement in Great Britain.

This latter change will affect people like Brian Colley, 59, who lives near North Walsham.

He said he understood the changes, but was upset that his age group was again being penalised.

He said: “I had to take early retirement through ill-health.

“I was looking forward to getting my concessionary rate at 60, having been a season ticket holder for 11 years and a member for 27 years, but I rang the club and said I would not get it.

“In the current economic situaion it means that I may have to reconsider renewing my season ticket.”

City Chief Executive David McNally acknolwedged that we were living in tough times, and admitted it was a tough decision to put up prices during the current recession.

He said: “We thought long and hard about putting up the prices, but the club needs to improve its financial position and we need to support the football manager.

“In order to do that we have to look at the products we sell, and season tickets are a really important part of that.

“Equally though, we recognise the pressures families are under in these difficult economic times, and we have decided to freeze the prices for all young people at every age group.

“Our new prices are an important part of the business plan for next season. Following these changes, we truly believe that the prices paid by you per match still represent terrific value for money.”

Kathy Blake, secretary of the Norwich City Independent Supporters’ Association said the price rise was not as bad as expected.

She said: “That’s better than I thought it was going to be. We were expecting a big hike. I applaud the prices for young supporters being frozen, as they are the future of the club.”

Meanwhile, with VAT set to increase from 17.5pc to 20pc on January 4, 2011, supporters are being offered a special ‘Beat the VAT’ incentive to those who purchase their 2011-12 season ticket before January 3.

The club is also offering best prices for those who renew by first deadline on March 5, 2011, and prices for early renewals are guaranteed whatever the club’s divisional status.

More than 21,000 fans bought season tickets for the current campaign, and extra seats added to every stand last summer meant that the 26,315 who crammed in to watch last weekend’s 1-1 draw with Leeds was a new all-seater stadium record attendance – and the highest at Carrow Road since 1989.

Manager Paul Lambert said: “It’s been an absolute privilege to be here and to witness first-hand the brilliant Norwich City supporters.

“I say every week how important they are and I mean it. They are vital to this club and nothing has diminished the view I’ve had since we arrived which is that they play an unbelievable part in helping us.”

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  • My wife and I have been season ticket holders for over 10 years and travel a 100 mile round trip to watch every home game. This has not been a problem as we are both in work but my wife falls into the group of women who were too young to retire at 60 and too old to retire at 65. She is 60 next year and would have been eligible for a reduced season ticket for next season but will now have to wait until 65 even though she will retire at 61 on her state pension. This has to be discrimination against this group of women and will mean that she will be unable to afford the extra cost and not be able to renew her ticket, if she doesn't go neither will I. This may only be 2 tickets that the club will lose but the rail also lose our custom, we will no longer do all our shopping in Norwich and eat out every other week in the city. This may not seem much but if all the other women in this age group feel the same then it may not be 2 tickets lost but hundreds - they could well lose far more revenue than would have been gained.

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    michael Gayfer

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

  • I'm surprised that the Norwich city independent supporters association has only commented on the rise of 8.8%.Do they feel that the increase for the 60-65 age group is fair? at 71%.

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    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

  • 8.8% - What a joke! My increase is 71.5% as I am 61, this is an extra charge for next season of £176.50. No doubt this will help to pay for the Board's and Players' ever increasing salaries.

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    Saturday, November 27, 2010

  • i would like to point out to mr mcnally that myself and others will have to pay far more than an extra£1.50 per match next season(being caught in the60-65 year old age gap) . the only state benefit i receive are my old age pension and winter fuel allowance.i dont smoke ,drink or gamble and my one treat is my season ticket sadly next season because of my age i shall no longer be able to do this (a pity after being a life long supporer and ex-canary girl).congratulations ncfc board you have done the same as government and hit the people who can least afford it.

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    Friday, November 26, 2010

  • I have followed NCFC for over 50 years and attended most home matches and quite a few away matches for at least 30 years including the great 1967 2-1 win against the mighty Manchester United at Old Trafford who team included the likes of George Best, Dennis Law and Bobby Charlton. I also watched Stanley Mathews play at Carrow Rd. In those days it was the game of the poor where most lowly paid working class folk could afford to attend unlike today where the prices keep escalating beyond belief and you would have to be reasonably well off to attend on a regular basis alas it’s not for me anymore as in most walks of life in the UK greed has taken a firm hold and spoilt things.

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    Twig Stevens

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

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