12.15am 18th January 2013 there was thunder and lightning as well as a snowstorm. I was taking a photo of the snow in our street using long exposure when a lightning flash occurred. This thundersnow is a rare phenomenon. by Heather Irvine

Video: Lowestoft experiences rare winter thunderstorm

Friday, January 18, 2013
10.01 AM

As if the weather couldn’t get any stranger, areas of Lowestoft have been experiencing rare winter thunderstorms along with the snow.

Winter thunderstorms occur when the air layer closer to the ground is warmer than the upper layers, however this layer also has to be cold enough to make snow. This tricky process means that winter thunderstorms are very rare as the right conditions do not come along often.

Jamie Robertson recorded this phenomenon at 12:15am near Belvedere Road in Lowestoft, hearing three loud claps of thunder about five minutes apart.

If you have experienced any weird and wonderful events in the snow, send in videos to norfolk.iwitness24.co.uk