Snow update: Temperatures set to plummet to -10C tonight, warn forecasters

PUBLISHED: 17:41 15 January 2013 | UPDATED: 17:41 15 January 2013

Traffic chaos in and around Grapes Hill, that was closed when it became impassible after the snow flurry. Photo: Steve Adams

Traffic chaos in and around Grapes Hill, that was closed when it became impassible after the snow flurry. Photo: Steve Adams

Temperatures could fall to -10C in Norfolk tonight with forecasters warning that the Scandinavian conditions are set to last for the rest of the week.

Gritters fitted with snow ploughs are hitting Norfolk’s 2,000 miles of priority routes tonight to try and clear the roads and make them driveable.

However, weather forecasters warned that driving conditions were set to get more treacherous overnight and in the morning with temperatures set to stay subzero during daylight hours.

Phil Garner, from the University of East Anglia-based Weatherquest, said snow showers were set to continue, but would be more isolated night and tomorrow. However, frost and ice was set to cause problems over the next 24 hours with temperatures set to fall to -10C tonight and set to be around -1C or -2C during the day tomorrow. Freezing fog is set to also cause issues tomorrow morning.

He added that the cold and icy blast from Scandinavia was set to last until Friday with the prospect of more snow at the weekend.

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said the heavy snow at around lunchtime had been too much to cope with and gritting salt would prove less effective as temperatures drop.

“Norfolk County Council’s gritting fleet has been in constant operation since the early hours of Monday morning is still ongoing. Localised snow flurries have been encountered and we continue to work through them as our activities continue.”

“Norfolk County Council’s gritting fleets will continue to grit throughout the afternoon into the evening, and again from 3am tomorrow,” the spokesman said.

To view a map of Norfolk’s gritting routes, see


  • Can the gritters please visit Happisburgh? All roads are like a freakin skating ring at the minute and have not seen grit since last year?

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    Dave B

    Tuesday, January 15, 2013

  • It has just taken me 2hrs 40 minutes to get from Diss Norwich and I barely got above 10mph the whole way. For those who whine that people drive too cautiously in snow and ice, I would say there is no way the conditions on the A140 warranted anything other than cautious driving. I have seen plenty of gritter lorries yesterday and today, but they can't solve the problem completely and we need to accept that. We sometimes have to accept that we can't always overcome Mother Nature. And as for those who always compare us to Northern Europe and Scandinavia, it is not a like for like comparison. We simply do not have enough of this type of weather to warrant the significant expenditure required on infrastructure to cope with it. I heard a Scandinavian on TV the other day saying that they have the same sort of reaction to this type of weather every year when it first hits but because it lasts for significantly longer, the initial reaction subsequently gives way to being able to cope with it.

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    Tuesday, January 15, 2013

  • We are more accurately compared with Holland and Belgium than Sweden and guess what? When it snows it is gridlock too. It is a fallacy that Europe copes with bad weather as if it hasn't happened. Now what is Dutch for "We knew it was coming so it must be the council's fault"?

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    Tuesday, January 15, 2013

  • A few general points. 1) Other countries handle snow better than us. In Germany failure to fit winter tires during the winter months will gain you a fine. There is no law in this country saying that you may not fit them. If you consider this to be an unjustifiable expense it is unwise to criticise “Them” for not “Gritting” the roads. 2) It is crushed rock SALT which is put on the roads, not “grit”. It works by melting the ice when combined with the action of traffic. The thicker the snow, the less the effect; the procedure also causes a lowering of temperature. Therefore its efficacy is limited both with ambient temperature and volume of snow. Slush is still slippery and is not adequately dispersed by road tires. 3) 4WD. Without tires that grip 4WD is not going to help that much. Your car has four-wheel braking and that will not stop it skidding. In my practical experience a one wheel drive off-road motorcycle, with off-road tires, is better in snow, especially when it is drifting, than a Landrover with road tires if used sensibly with care. 4) If you do not know which wheels you car uses to power itself forwards ask yourself “Should I even attempt to drive in snow?” The driving technique in adverse conditions for a front wheel drive and rear wheel drive car is different. (I wrote this before Dave B’s contribution and it is not aimed at his posting. I am well aware of the lack of snow clearing in rural areas. It has always been so. )

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    The Fortean

    Tuesday, January 15, 2013

  • Temperature hit -11 in Taverham at 6am, according to my outside weather station. Walked home from the city & still beat the traffic.

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    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

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