Michael Pentney (left) and Thom Hollyer pitched in to help drivers struggling to drive up St Andrews Street in Norwich. Pic by Chris Hill.

Photo gallery: Snow brings out people’s human kindness - now tell us your examples

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
9.51 AM

Although the heavy snowfall brought chaos to some of Norwich’s roads, it also brought out the city’s community spirit, as people pitched in to help struggling drivers.

Compacted snow on the incline of St Andrew’s Street, outside Cinema City, made it difficult for cars to gain traction and left a bus stranded at the bottom of the hill, unable to make any further progress on its route.

But volunteers were quick to give up their time to push cars up the slippery slope, and to spread sand from the road’s grit bin.

Thom Hollyer, 26, who lives on Friar’s Quay, is an assistant manager at the Rumsey Wells pub on St Andrews Street.

When he saw drivers were struggling, he borrowed a shovel from the nearby Playhouse Bar and started spreading sand.

He said: “I just came out of work at 1pm and saw the bus was stuck. I like being out in the snow so I thought I would come out and help people, as I’ve got nothing better to do until my girlfriend comes out of university.

“It is just what Norwich is like. People help each other out. It’s a nice city like that.

“I have seen so many people walking about, and it is dangerous when the cars are sliding about like this.”

Mr Hollyer was assisted in his community-spirited efforts by 35-year-old Michael Pentney, from Tuckswood, who said: “I saw what this guy was doing and I went into Cinema City to ask if I could borrow their shovel.

“If you see someone in distress, you should help them, not just stand there laughing at them.

“I work very early hours in the city as a cleaner. I knocked off at 8.15am and then got stranded here. I wouldn’t even use my bike out here, so people certainly shouldn’t drive it.”

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