Otters at Amazona Zoo in Cromer play in the snow. Mother and daughter, Milly (11 years old) and Maisy (7 years old).  

Photo gallery: Otters have fun in the snow at Cromer zoo

Monday, January 21, 2013
3.37 PM

While many in Norfolk have hated the freezing winter conditions one mother and her daughter have enjoyed nothing better than rolling around in the snow.

Meet Milly, 11, and Maisy, seven - otters who are cared for at Amazona Zoo off Hall Road, Cromer.

Imogen Burgoyne, manager of Amazona Zoo, said: “They love it. They crack a hole in the natural pond and go swimming. The otters have two different types of fur and don’t feel the cold at all. They really love rolling around in the snow.”

The pair live around the natural pond and can also use a public feeding area.

But other animals on the South America-themed site, which closed for the winter in November, also has other species on site that are not as keen on the snow as Milly and Maisy.

“A lot of the primates have heated sheds so they are toasty. They are probably warmer than us,” Miss Burgoyne added.

She said: “The jaguars don’t love it and some of our bigger monkeys have stayed inside. They will only come out when it is warmer.”

All the animals were “coping fine” with the cold snap, according to Miss Burgoyne, who said they were being cared for by the zoo’s four staff.

“They are receiving a lot of straw, a lot of food and lots of TLC,” she added.

All the staff live locally and arrived at work today.

Miss Burgoyne said: “This morning it was tough going pushing the trolley in six inches of snow. Everything took longer than normal.”

The zoo will reopen at Easter.