Supt Carl Edwards.

Norfolk snowballers warned to not waste police time

Friday, January 18, 2013
10.58 AM

A senior Norfolk officer has warned “6ft-plus” snowballers to not waste police time by “getting carried away”.

Supt Carl Edwards, who oversees north Norfolk and Broadland, said: “My officers are much better utilised fighting crime than dealing with bad behaviour.”

He added: “I’m no spoil-sport and we all enjoy seeing kids enjoying the snow. But with a lot of schools closed and some of the snowballers being 6ft-plus with good throwing arms please ensure you remind them not to get carried away and snowball cars, people’s windows or passers by.”

Supt Edwards added some advice to motorists as the weather prepared to take a turn for the worse.

He said: “Before you set out consider whether your vehicle is up to the conditions – rear wheel drive cars and snow don’t mix.

“It is possible to purchase ‘snow chains’ and ‘snow socks’ from a number of retailers if you absolutely have to drive in these conditions. The outlay may repay you in terms of insurance excess and repair bills should the worst happen. The golden rule is always to drive to the conditions and stay safe.”