An unusual site at Recreation Road School this morning. Brightly coloured sledges stacked up against the school fence at morning drop off.

Broken limbs and head injuries caused by sledging accidents in the snow

Sunday, January 20, 2013
7.37 PM

Sledge accidents have caused broken limbs and head injuries requiring hospital treatment, according to ambulance crews who were called to about a dozen such incidents in the region this weekend.

None were believed to involve life-threatening injuries, but some children and adults suffered broken limbs or head injuries, according to the East of England Ambulance Service.

The service urged people to play safely in the snow. and said they would enjoy it more if they did so safely and without the risk of ending up in hospital with an injury.

A spokesman said: “People should ensure they are well wrapped up and that they wear padded clothes such as snow jackets and trousers and, if appropriate, safety gear so that even if they come off they do so without too much risk of injury.

“Even on a fast downhill run they should always feel in control while sledging. The fun really isn’t worth it if you wind up with a painful injury in A&E.”